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#IWSG : How Do You Stay Nimble? #writing

What is your trick to stay nimble as a writer?

Do you write every day or only when the mood strikes you?

Any favorite time of the day? A specific place, a superstition?Are you part of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group (IWSG) ?

To my friends, writers and non, tell me all about what keeps you going, nimble, alive. I want the all the dirt on your favorite rituals.

If you’ve just arrived, welcome! Stay on and have a cuppa– we’re a friendly bunch here. And you can be sure I’ll find ways to support you if you drop in a comment and become a friend!

#IWSG : Ever felt Jittery about your Blog ? #writing

Have you ever been through a shift from Wordpress to your own domain? Has this affected your audience? If you’re a long-term friend of this blog, what would you like to see at the new site? If you’ve just arrived, welcome! Stay on and have a cuppa– we’re a friendly bunch here. If you’re a writer, have you checked out the Insecure Writer’s Support Group?

What is your #Cherished Object? #Blogfest #blogging

I’ve stared at this photo in the past years, and imagined her growing up, growing older, falling in love, getting married, becoming a mother.

But there she sits, a teenager on a sunny afternoon, surrounded by classmates, ‘tiffins’ full of food, steel dinner plates (in the days before the scourge of plastic and thermocol), a skinny street dog behind her and that confident half-smirk-smile she always wore. And there I am, by her side, unknowing that one day, this photograph would be all I would have of her, as I sit at my table, writing.

How Self(ie) Obsessed are You?

For three and a half long hours, he tried to take his Selfies, with a focus to rival a fishing stork. Only he didn’t remain still except to pose. He kept skipping and scampering across the sand and splashing into the water, busier than a seagull, and possibly livelier.

I’m cruel. I guess so is my family.

For all that time, we snickered and smiled, and I took pictures.

Here, I bring you the man on his quest for the Perfect Selfie. (I hope he got it, because he did jump and preen and posture long enough to make himself dizzy with heatstroke.)

Are You Searching for Beauty in the NOW?

This 8th of September we hope to cover as big a part of the internet as possible with Sunflowers, the favorite flower of our dear Tina who we lost all too soon. As we mourn her loss, we also celebrate who she was, a bright, cheery, large-hearted personality.

If you knew Tina through her blog, I encourage you to take part, by signing up here.

If you didn’t know Tina– celebrate this Blogfest as a day of choosing to be joyful– a choice Tina Downey made, despite all her suffering, every day of her life.

What’s Your Story? #socialmedia

I am given to Facebook updates and blog posts about the small things in life. Now I’ve begun to wonder whether that’s affecting my storytelling. Maybe I’m not building up enough steam over the years, by letting it out in small streams through my social media updates.

What’s your take on this? How much of your inner life/ rants/ life news do you share on Facebook and other social media? If you’re a writer, do this think sharing life experiences on social media detracts from an author’s ability to tell a story?