About the writer

Damyanti is an established freelance writer who wants to try out an experiment. She has an ambition of writing something everyday, something that could be long or short, on any topic whatsoever, but always imaginative and meaningful.

Damyanti’s short fiction appears or is forthcoming at Griffith Review, Lunch Ticket magazine, The First Line, Ducts.org by New York Writer’s Workshop, Cigale Literary Magazine, The Outrider Review, Birkbeck Writer’s Hub, and other journals in Singapore and India. She’s featured in print anthologies by Twelve Winters Press, USA, and by major publishers in Malaysia and Singapore.

Comments on this blog are very welcome, as are visits to her other blog Amlokiblogs , or tweets to @damyantig.

This blog has a Facebook Page, where Damyanti discusses all her loves: Writing, Reading and Travel. Come join the fun!


No Awards Acceptance Policy: This blog does not accept Blog Awards that involve awarding others and passing on the love, etc. A blog post about it here.

(I believe I show my appreciation when I comment on other blogs, link to them, share their posts on social media, or reblog them with my take. I do not give out awards, and do not expect them. A Like or a Comment from you will make my day, and I’ll visit and chat with you in turn. But please, no blog awards.

Any blog awards with links will now straight go to spam, from which I’ll rescue your comment, but not the link. I hope you understand, and can forgive me.)

1,156 thoughts on “About the writer

  1. Hey.. you have a nice concept in this blog here..
    I like the idea a lot.. :)
    I write everyday.. something or the other.. somethings presentable some not. Anything. But I dont put it up for ppl to read. Though this is nice! I’m glad I dropped by to visit!
    And thank you for the like to the story on my blog. :)


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  3. Hi Damyanti – we’ve been in touch before. I have to admit, having read your posts but not the page regarding blog awards, I nominated you for one (oops), you’ll just have to accept my apology on that.
    Someone who’d commented a few times on my blog gave it me, then I spent absolutely ages worrying about who I could nominate in turn. I liked the aspect of promoting community interactivity but it also felt rather like the old chain letter type of pressure to ‘pass on the love’. It also took me away from my writing commitments. Wish I’d read this bit of your blog first!
    I’m not a spammer – honest!
    Liked the post about comparing ourselves to others, all too true.
    All the best, Jan


  4. Hi, I found your site because you registered a ‘like’ for a post I published on mine. I don’t usually respond as I think many likes come from some automated process? you see I am a naive wordpress user, who simply uses it as a record of my creative writing. I don’t seek followers but I appreciate the few that I have! And I want people who ‘like’ my posts to do so because they like the way I use language, and they like my imagination. There ! pompous? I don’t think so. Anyway I always check out the person’s blog; I read a couple of your stories and I like them very much. I like your style Damyanti and I like your distinct lack of political correctness. Thanks! Tony


  5. I just wanted to reach out and thank you for reading Moonlight. I really appreciate it. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it. In fact, thanks in general for reading a lot of stuff I’ve written, now that I think about it.


  6. Thank you for liking my post, it is a delight that someone of your expertise has taken time out to show an interest in what I have written. I am very very new to blogging/writing and I got to the point where I just wanted to share what was in my head. I have been constantly reading books for the past 3 years almost everyday some more than once on expanding your consciousness and have become and continue to do so aware of my surroundings, and creating my own life and reality. This blog is a result of that and I am at the moment dabbling with spoken word in my YouTube channel again to get my point across……so thanks again, and much love to you.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by and liking my blog. I was greatly amused by the picture of the bear with the women in the bed and the caption underneath. Then I read the article. But I’ll comment on that post under that subject. Great blog you have going here. I’ll be sure to stop by again.


  8. Hi Damyanti. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my post A Most Dark Place, Part Five. I have to ask if you checked out the first four parts as well? I don’t want you to miss out on how the whole “matter” started. Not sure how many more parts there will be. I do have an idea where the story will end.

    I really enjoyed visiting your blog, and am now following you. I look forward to reading more.

    The Accidental Poet is named Steve.


I love comments, and I always visit back. Blogging is all about being a part of a community, and communities are about communication! Tweet me up @damyantig !

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