Ever have fun simply walking the streets?

I’ve been to quite a few countries but have never had as much fun walking the streets as here in Milan.

The people seem to walk in poetry, the street cleaners are dandified, old men and women take pride in their clothes and walk with a spring in their step, kids are a joy, no tantrums, even the dogs seem content, no unseemly dragging– yesterday I saw a Doberman stroll off leash tongue lolling out in the D’uomo piazza.

Been taking pictures in my head, not many on the phone– but here are a few random clicks….and this my first attempt at blogging from my phone.

20140620-094550 am-35150165.jpg

20140620-094549 am-35149265.jpg

20140620-094547 am-35147538.jpg

20140620-094548 am-35148382.jpg

20140620-094551 am-35151108.jpg

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72 thoughts on “Ever have fun simply walking the streets?

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  2. It is fun you felt relaxed in Milan, because in Italy it is considered the capital of hard work, stress and frantic pace of living! But it depends on what parts of the city you visited and on your attitude, of course!

    • I stayed near the Garibaldi station, and looked around the business district, too.
      But compared to Honkong, Shanghai, and Tokyo, Milan seemed like a relaxed place to me :)

  3. Thank you, everyone, for your wonderful comments. I’ll visit back each of you as soon as you can– which has to be after this Friday-when I’ll have stable internet– my home internet has disappeared for the moment. It felt so good to be able to blog from my phone and receive all these responses!

    I love you all, and am grateful for the time you spent in leaving me a comment.

  4. As Max von Sydow says in “Three Days of the Condor”, “The great cities are those you can walk.” Prague, Vienna, Budapest… and, I would argue, Chicago, where you can walk to the greatest baseball park in the world.

  5. Absolutely enjoy walking the streets! In fact, it’s my favourite thing to do when I travel because that is how you witness the life and soul of a city, not by simply visiting the tourist sights. Leave that to everyone else ;)

  6. Looks gorgeous!
    I’ve never been to Milan. Helsinki is the one place I’ve been where I could just never get tired of walking the streets. So many different kinds of people! Bizarre fashions, bright colors, stunning beauty….. And everything so clean and vibrant at the same time. Some places don’t even need a tourist site, they have so much beauty in the everyday rhythm of life flowing through them.

  7. It’s beautiful and not many people about so you can enjoy things. Maybe that’s why everyone’s in a good mood. Thanks for the lovely pics!

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