Sharing your Personal Life on your #Blog : Your Thoughts?

Personal Emotions on Blogs
Personal Emotions on Blogs

A new blogger has asked me: How much should I reveal about myself on my blog?

My short answer: as much as you’re comfortable with.

I understand that a writer who thinks her writing doesn’t reveal anything about herself is like a circus elephant trying on a disguise.

No matter how subtle or make-believe you are, you reveal a lot of you when you write.

Personally, I try to keep it as professional as possible on both my blogs, with personal touches here and there. I do share important personal news, but I usually give only the bare details.

What about you? Do you share your personal life on your blogs? Do people sharing details of personal trauma turn you off or make you read more? What would you say to the blogger who sent me this question?


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  1. Rob Powell

    Being new to blogging I am finding these articles of great interest and value. So a big thank you for them.

    This question in particular gained my greatest interest. I would guess how much you reveal about yourself in your blog is a personal and calculated decision and one could argue pro’s and con’s on both parts.

    Revealing things about oneself in their writing particularly in fiction stories is less controlled. Especially if you want your stories to be believable and leave a lasting impression I think a part of you that you cannot control and you need to be open to this allowing it to be revealed within your writing.



  2. Miss Megan

    Personally, I love sharing about my personal life and my mindset via my blog. I think the more raw and authentic we can be, the more people can connect with us and realize we are just as flawed as they are – the only difference is, I choose to air out my flaws. I have nothing to hide, and I am not ashamed of my imperfections… at least not anymore.


  3. parulthakur24

    I share personal stories but I try to focus on the learnings than the details. Sometimes, there is a lot revealed but I also believe that the best writing form is when one opens up life. It’s a dilemma for sure.

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  4. Baja Moto Quest!

    Besides my writing, my blog focuses on the adventures I take on my motorcycle. I think best on two wheels. So by nature my blog is personal. To date I have not found that to be much of a problem.


  5. desperateramblings

    I am just finding my feet really. I have put some personal stuff out there whilst, I hope, remaining somewhat anonymous. I do not yet feel knowledgable enough to simply focus on one thing but who knows where my blog may take me. I am hoping it may open up some new avenues in whatever way it can, eventually of course (unless I’m really lucky of course).


  6. mtnwriter77

    I usually blog about writing or my books, but occasionally my personal life either crosses paths with writing (as in my recent post), or something very big happens in my life that I feel a need to spill out. In the latter case I try to maintain some distance – like never being specific about who is involved (e.g. family member, friend). I read recently that one should maintain multiple blogs – personal and professional. Frankly, I’m challenged to make frequent entries in one! And there’s that part of me that likes putting myself out there on my blog, within safe limits.


  7. georgielizabeth

    I’m undecided at the moment. I’ve recently taken my picture off and I don’t blog in my real name. Mainly because a few family members and internet friends have said I’m risking my career and creating ethical issues by blogging! Now I’m anonymous (within the limits of the internet and its savvy stalkers) I guess I can branch out and add more personal things. Time will tell I guess as I’m new to blogging.

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    • bellabounce

      I’m the same – I don’t blog in my real name. Not because I could be risking my career i don’t think, but to protect the friends, family and people around me that I talk about. I think if you’re going to talk about someone, you shouldn’t ever allow them to be identified through you unless they know exactly what you’ve written and as that’s not always possible, I try to keep it vague. I’d love to know if anyone thinks it works – Have I revealed something I shouldn’t have?


  8. JShante

    Just a few days ago, I have finally decided to start blogging and tell the world about my life and what I have been through. I do get a bit personal, the reason for that is because I have been through everything that was meant to break me, but it has only made me stronger. I want to share my stories with people that can relate and be able to give them positive advice.


    • esperanza

      Im actually starting my own blog, basically about my life and how i was hurt and now im doing my best to get up . i feel like people would relate to me . i also would like to get to read your blog .


      • Crystal Mary Roberts

        I also have lived a life of enormous pain and survived. One of my healing tools has been writing, as a result I discovered I love to write and am now beginning my 5 manuscript. someday I will look into getting published. I ache to share so many heavy thoughts that fill my mind. I’m thinking of blogging and hoping it will build for me an audience for when I do publish. I’m afraid that what I want to share may be too personal. If you have any advice, please share. Thanks, Crystal


  9. ejsmith3130

    I started my blog as a way to keep my family who live all over the US up to date when I moved to rural Alaska. I am so far away, and they all gave me the same bit of advice- keep a journal, take pictures. Preserve your memories somehow, because someday when you are older, it will be wonderful to have something to hold onto and show your (future) children. So I started with that in mind. But I am so much more than just a writer about Alaska… I want to include all aspects of what this has done to my life because it is so radically different than how I lived and worked before when I lived in the lower 48. I want to preserve this slice of my life, because I’m not sure if I will ever really live like this again.
    I think the most important thing though, is that I don’t write explicitly about others unless I have permission. I ask my husband what he is okay with me saying about him, and when we have children I will probably be more reserved for their own personal privacy. I’m an adult who can make decisions about what I put out on the internet, and we need to always remember that once it’s out there, it’s out there.


  10. Morgan Vega

    I started as a songwriter, so I guess it makes sense that I now write creative nonfiction. Instead of a diary, I look at my personal essays as fitting into that genre. Sometimes, my best work is when I am the most vulnerable. But I know that’s not always the case.


  11. undomesticatedbitch

    I blogged every day on another site for about 6 years. I shared daily challenges, thoughts that came across my mind, even recipes. Being a writer at heart, I had an urge to write. I loved the interaction from my followers and shared myself completely. During those years I was raising teenage daughters and struggling with a bad marriage. Blogging was a way for me to express myself fully and share my growth as a person. It was positive on the whole. At some point, my children became aware of my blog and they asked me to stop sharing with the world. They found it embarrassing, It was tied to my name and when you googled me it showed up…probably not the best idea considering I have a career. So now I try to remain anonymous but I am still and always will be the “real” me in writing. People who write about their real lives and real things always keeps my attention. Real is not always pretty, but the reader can always close the page. I say share – but do it wisely.

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    • Damyanti

      I can understand where you’re coming from. I’m usually a private person, but today I lost a dear friend, and have spilled my guts all over my blog. We share how much we can, and feel comfortable with, and today I wanted to share my grief with the whole world.


  12. C. M. Ruffin

    I agree. Share as much as you’re comfortable with, but don’t be afraid to give your readers a glimpse of who you are. I give glimpses of me through my blog. My personality is revealed in my writing. But, I primarily use my FB page (linked to my blog) to help followers make a connection to “me”. I post personal and professional things on my FB page… but not too personal. I don’t post what I’m eating or anything, but if I’m doing something fun, or silly whether it’s related to my blog focus or not, I post it. Readers feel more of a connection when they can get a glimpse into your life:)


  13. pathbreakingwriter

    I guess blogging is not just about revealing the personal information. Its about revealing the knowledge and your other side that no one really knows. You dont have to reveal your credit card and social security numbers and stuff like that. I have more than 100 posts now and still there is very less that my readers know about me. Focus on the creative aspects.


  14. Leigh W. Smith

    My blog is not “about” me (it’s creative writing “from me,” but it’s not me), per se, so I share personal details sparingly. I guess it all depends on the platform for your blog. Great discussion, Damyanti (that I unfortunately missed back in May)!


  15. Jinal Bhatt

    I came across your blog today and I must say, your writing is excellent and thought provoking. I am a newbie blogger too, and for me, it’s almost like a release, a way of expressing feelings that I would rather write about than speak; just a way of explaining them better.
    I too agree that comfort level matters when blogging about your personal life. Also, even though I may may not mind reading certain things on others’ personal blogs, I may not be comfortable blogging about similar things. So, I guess it all boils down to what one is comfortable with.


  16. ianmooremorrans

    Great topic! Yes, I do share my husband’s and my personal life on our blog. I blog about our writing, the books we have published and the books I’m editing. I first just edited his writing and now have evolved into collaborating on his writings as he has become disabled over the last years. A great deal of his writings lately have been memoirs, and so it is impossible to get away from the personal stuff. As my favourite reading is biography, I am drawn to the personal details. When I worked as a magazine editor, I also found it advantageous to slip in details of my personal life in my editorials as I edited a Christian women’s magazine. Time and again my readers would resonate with the personal details I wrote. They seem to draw people in and make the writing more real.
    Gayle Moore-Morrans


  17. Josh Gryniewicz

    I think it depends on the writer, the reader, and the context, really. Just like any convo, I suppose, you frame each bit of into the underlying Q: “why is the person telling me this?” In other words, does the “sharing,” no matter how intimate, actually enhance the post, loan some insights into the readers own experience, or make an example more compelling? If yes to any of those points I would say go personal, go deep; if the answer is nay (as the case on a lot of blogs I have stopped reading) than I would leave the “share” on the cutting room floor. In short, I think it is all about intent!


  18. sheketechad

    Because my writing has evolved into essayist form, I feel people need to know more about the person behind the writing when reading, in order to position themselves to put on another perspective at times, one that may be vastly different than their own. This is very distinct from say, fictional writing, or play-writing, where you want one looking at and feeling your characters rather than you. As such, I’d say it depends on what your springboard is for your content.

    Good, honest question, and I’ve enjoyed your response and others. Thank you for sharing it.


  19. insearchofitall

    Thank you for visiting and following my blog. As you may have read on my posts, I’m in the middle of a major move and hence my tardiness at getting here. I find your question here very interesting and will read further as to others answers. I share some personal details but am very careful not to share too much, especially if it involves others. Not sure if I’ve succeeded or not. I like to “get to know” someones heart through their writing and have found it possible without crossing barriers of TMI. I’ll be back to visit soon. Again, thank you and hope you continue to find something of interest there.


  20. shivani

    Sometimes there is no one to talk or share your personal feelings with… could be happy feelings could be nostalgic moments and it also could be personal discoveries as to how life unfolds. Stories no matter how personal how simple sometimes in a way blogging is like peeling onions someone said. It brings tears…but it also brings discoveries and sometimes a closure to some turmoil. At least i have been feeling like that. Such has been the turn of events that now we have to rely more on ourselves than on finding real companions who can give you some time. And yes there is that added bonus in blogging…friends…and some of them feel better…sound better and act better than real friends.
    Thank you Damyanti for promoting my post and thus leading me to this place which can direct me to more to my liking. Hope you continue to browse through mine though and if possible leave behind a smiley or something to let me know…


  21. Kama

    My blog is kinda personal, it’s about my travels. But people don’t need to know about my private (social) life. Not everything that happened to me during my travels need to be known too by people whom I never met and never will.


  22. knightwriter96

    I like what you told the blogger–to tell as much as they feel comfortable with but to keep it professional with personal touches here and there, although usually giving only bare details. I also agree that writers reveal a lot of who they are when they write (whether or not they realize it). I basically would have responded the same as you. Thanks for sharing!


  23. Karla Whitmore

    I do agree with the idea of sharing whatever you are comfortable sharing, but would like to encourage the sharing of some of those things that make the writer uncomfortable, too. I appreciate it when people share because it supports my desire to learn from others’ experiences, understand other points of view, explore, enforce, and even dispose of some of my own attitudes and beliefs, and be given the opportunity to offer encouragement. Of course, there are also some things that may be better shared with virtual strangers than family and friends — such as things that force an unwanted mental picture…


  24. abrahamdiceyjones

    Blogging and writing are two somewhat different things. Although they’re mistaken to mean the same. But I have this to say, no matter what the writing maybe, fiction or factual, we share a part of ourselves. The only way to have a “true” writing is to have a writing that is personal, that we have felt, that we feel, that we want to feel.


  25. shakwinn

    I love your advice about blogging. It inspires me to continue with my own writing mission. I also think your very cute. Don’t tell my wife I said that. Lol.


  26. Oh Harriet!

    I am completely with you about sharing as much or as little as you want. I have actually chosen to start a different blog to try and separate my professional work blog from my personal one. It was getting too hard to try and reconcile the two sides of me in one place and I was starting to not blog for fear of revealing personal details in the professional one. I know that means it will likely now become more of a website, detailing my work as opposed to an interactive place where I give my opinions. But hopefully people will be able to direct themselves to my personal blog if they want. Thanks for the post!


    • EscapeToLight

      Had a similar experience and started a personal blog to have as a creative and personal outlet, so to make connections with other writers who open up in a similar fashion. Raw honesty from peers is my favorite subject matter <3


  27. being wordy

    Though if someone were determined enough, one could find my identity, I try to stay anonymous. I want the work recognized, not me. It’s not all about humility. It’s also about self-preservation.


  28. robertlampros

    Writing is probably one of the most personal things you can do, if you’re writing about what’s most important in your life. I try to put as much of my heart and soul as possible into what I write while keeping the post enjoyable and easy to read. The form and content has something to do with it too, but in general, the more genuine (and positive) the writing, the better the post will be.


  29. camillemae

    I’ve struggled with this a lot. I want my blog to be general so people can relate but I can’t help but think that the best way to relate is to provide the personal, nitty-gritty details (to an extent of course)…


  30. Carol Balawyder

    I do like a bit of personal life thrown in the blog. I like to know a bit about the bloggers I follow. I don’t give out very much information, but some and like you, I think our writing says a lot about who we are.
    Thanks for the recommendations of other bloggers. I already follow Jacqui Murray and find her blog truly informative. I’m off now to check the other two. :)


  31. Susanne

    Since I like to read about people’s lives, I like the personal life/journal kind of blogs. If they don’t share anything at all about themselves, I get bored, because then I could just read a book or magazine about whatever the topic is. I read blogs because it’s a great way to connect with people.. People should share what they are comfortable with, but not reveal names or places, for their own safety. I write a blog to share what’s going on in my life and about music events I go to or other music updates, and my photography, so obviously I do share some things about myself and my life, but many times I’ve thought a post was too personal, and then deleted it. I know there are many people who aren’t interested in reading about people, but there are also tons of people who like personal blogs. We are all different and have different preferences.


  32. symonae

    I do share my personal life on my blog. I try not to share too much and save personal details for my journal. The purpose of my blog was to take my journal entries and share them but sometimes I catch myself doing the opposite. I enjoy reading other personal blogs because it allows me to get to know someone. If it isn’t so much of a personal blog, I still enjoy the connection and learning of someone else. I’m with you on your answer about sharing online: as little or as much as comfortable.


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