Do You Reply to Each Comment on Your Blog?

Donatella Versace Sunday Morning thoughts

Do You respond to all comments?

The A to Z Challenge wrapped up two days ago, and I now feel a little lost.

I made a load of friends despite not doing such a great job of the challenge myself, I may have commented on about 60 blogs a day, if that. That’s lower than what a lot of bloggers do on a regular basis. So it is the kindness of other bloggers that helped me sail through.

But I have a confession to make: Though I LOVED receiving each comment, I didn’t spend time responding to each. Instead, I commented on a few that I spotted via my phone while running about, and then said a general word of thanks at the bottom of all the comments. The choice, for me, with my limited online time, was between responding to comments and visiting them back, and I chose to just go leave a comment.

I figured I personally would like a comment on my post better than a response to a comment I left.

I’m still majorly GUILTY that I didn’t respond to all comments, not on this blog, and not many at all on Amlokiblogs.

What do You do on your blog? Do you individually respond to all the comments you receive? Do you feel offended if a blogger does not respond to your comments? Do you have comment response tips for me?


429 thoughts on “Do You Reply to Each Comment on Your Blog?

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  2. I post on average once a week and at this stage I do reply to all comments I get. I want to get to know readers and encourage them to come back to my site. But having said that, although the number of followers is steadily growing, the traffic and number of comments is low compared to what you have here. I like your approach, it’s clear that you are interested in engaging with your readers even though you might not respond to each comment.

  3. I don’t get too many comments like you get… so I respond to all the comments I get by a top-up comment and if I don’t have anything to add then a simple Thank you note.

  4. It seems to me that you get far too many comments to be able to deal with them all. I only get around 5-10 comments on each post, and none at all on some, so it is easy for me to reply to each. I am only a small fish though!
    Don’t feel worried about it, I am sure that they understand.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  5. I don’t get a lot of comments, so I do reply to each. I do get a lot more likes than comments. people are busy and read so much every day. Don’t feel guilty. :)

  6. I reply to to all the comments I get on my blog, though mostly because I don’t get many, and most of those are from personal face-to-face friends. :D

  7. My blog is not very popular yet so it is a lot easier to respond to every single comment, which is probably what I do with very few exceptions.

    As to whether I feel offended by blogger if they don’t reply me, the answer is no. I guess sometimes I feel that there is a lost opportunity in not exchanging opinions and providing different view points, yet again I totally understand that it could be time consuming and gets deprioritised for the sake of other activities.

  8. Hi. You followed my blog today ( but you didn’t leave a comment. Personally I’m interested in how you found me and what made you follow. I’m new to this world. But writing is important – scratch that, VITAL.

  9. I can understand your thought.Once I decide to blog there are vivid unwritten rules of patience in managing the project. No doubt it takes 3 to 4 hours of on’es time. I often appreciate that
    every comment and likes in any posts has got two sides! Obviously I cannot judge one is right and another is not right. Likes and comments ,I believe, are the two key buttons of communication among the blogging family.

  10. If you have a lot of traffic I imagine it’d be difficult to respond to every comment and time might be better spent working on your content. I think it’s good to respond to comments with enquiries or that encourage further discussion, but some are simply statements that don’t require a follow up. I like to try and visit the blogs of people who comment as seen as they made the effort to put something nice on mine, but again this could become very time consuming. I also prefer to comment on just a few blogs at a time so that I can read their content more carefully and put time into each comment I make. If I don’t get a reply I don’t feel upset about it. People have busy lives outside of the internet and there could be alsorts or reasons for not getting a follow up.

  11. I find this incredibly hilarious, as I completely relate!! I mean in a natural real-world scenario I am very wary of being “fair” in a conversation- I must reply people politely! Not just out of courtesy but out of showing respect- I value people’s comments just as much if they leave them in a blog as I would in real life- so long as they were being courteous and respectful of course! And yes, if i’ve been rushing around like a blue-bottle fly and I have left the comment without a reply…I have a burning need to acknowledge it! Scary to think that if I gained quite a following over time, I might be spending more time than anything replying comments alone! It would be like having your birthday on Facebook, regularly! Too funny.

  12. So far, I reply to each comment on my blog posts, but if I got to your number of 60 comments per day, I would be overwhelmed. Already blogging takes up a lot of my time. I can understand how you have to make choices; otherwise, you would be blogging all day. :)

  13. I like the way a blog has a life of its own. I like where it leads. I rarely get comments, except from people I know personally, so of course I tend to reply. but if i’ve posted and someone has liked my post, I usually look them up and sometimes am moved to comment. Takes time tho’

  14. I’m just getting started in blogging but if I ever get to the point where I have lots of people reading my blogs (as in several hundred)….well, let’s just say I have a day job and need to sleep!

  15. I read this as I was responding to your following my blog, actually. It’s a good topic, because I think most bloggers are surprised (even shocked) about how much time the “behind the scenes” of blogging, like reading and responding to e-mails take. But, to answer the question–I do always respond. It is part of the community ethos, I think. Thank you for following my blog!

  16. Thank you for the kind words on my blog. Yes I respond to each comment on my blog. Although with my numbers being low it is easily done. :) I will continue to try to respond to each comment unless the numbers get too large. (That might be a while) I enjoyed your blog as well and look foward to see what else you post.

  17. Hello, and thank you for your interest in my blog. I respond to all comments on my blog, as I receive a manageable amount of comments at the moment. However, if I had hundreds of comments per post, I would find it impossible to respond to them all individually (I would have time to do nothing else!) I believe that what’s important is that my audience feels acknowledged and appreciated in some way, whether it’s comments, giveaways or interactive content.

  18. I always try to reply to comments and say thanks for any “follows” I get. I don’t comment on individual “likes” on posts…I don’t expect people to thank me for liking their posts either. Having said that, it’s nice to get “likes” so thank you for yours on my post! :)

  19. If I don’t get a response from a comment I make on a blog I’m not angry but I am disappointed, particularly if I put a lot of effort into the comment. I wrote 10 replies to comments on my most recent post and even read a short story that I was referred to and commented on it. I have the time to do that though but even so, if comments doubled or tripled I would try to combine my responses..

  20. I would like to think that I could always respond to every comment (real comments, not spam) and like a lot of bloggers, it isn’t difficult at this stage in my career. I met a blogger who had tens of thousands of visitors. I doubt that even with help, he could respond to every comment.

  21. I don’t get that many comments, but I publish to be read and if somebody is going to take the time to both read my work and discuss it, then I am sure going to enter the discussion. I crave that feedback.

  22. As for me, I don’t have any comments on any of my blogs yet so I am not really credible. But I would like to reply to all of them given the chance. Especially because the response is very important to me as someone just starting out. But I won’t get offended if my comments on another’s blog is not responded to. After all, it was meant to be read not replied to. :)

  23. Like some others who’ve commented here, I can say that, yes, I do generally respond to all comments,but then I don’t get that many at the moment. If and when I ever get to the point of regularly getting dozens of comments to every post, I somehow doubt I’ll keep it up. At that point I think I’d rather respond thoughtfully to a few than dash of a few words or a smiley face to everyone – though there’s nothing wrong with doing the latter (you could say it’s just polite). When I leave comments on other blogs I don’t necessarily expect a reply, especially when I can see I’m one of many as I know the site owner isn’t super-human – but of course it’s always nice to get one, and if I’m one of only a handful of commenters then I do expect it more.

    As for visiting 60 blogs a day – I think that’s impressive. I’m struggling to visit more than a few, and some days none at all. Just so much going on.

  24. I do always respond to comments, even if it’s just a short thank you and a smiley face. I want my readers to know I appreciate the time they took to stop, like and comment. :)

  25. I do believe in responding to all posts although it may be a few days later. It isn’t that I have that many followers yet, but I do get side-tracked.

  26. I understand what you’re saying about being busy and maybe not responding to a smiley face, but I don’t get very many comments on my blog anywat. However, I feel like it is an issue that is especially noticeable on FB. If I said something to a “friend” face-to-face, would that person ignore me and walk away? I am not asking for everyone to “like” everything I say, but if I say that I published a book and I’m ignored, well…A simple “like” (or smiley face) would do! Just my feeling and I appreciate you writing about this subject!

  27. I aim to reply to all. Unless one looks like it doesn’t need a reply. For example at the end of a conversation when someone puts a smiley face. If someone is triggered to respond to my post then I’m pleased. But if I had a huge increase in comments I can see it getting harder v

  28. I personally respond to each comment, unless it is a reply to a reply. My feeling is that if someone takes the time to read my blog AND write a comment, then the least I can do is reply with a quick comment. It take me a minute and I think it makes people happy that their thoughts are acknowledged. Cheers!

  29. I try to, but I am also using WPMU and have a facebook app where people can connect with their Facebook to respond, but it doesn’t tell me when someone uses the app or tell the poster when I respond to their post. But I try very hard to post to every post I can.

  30. Because I only get a few comments, I do respond to all of them… if I began getting hundreds, I doubt I would be able to and I’m sure your readers understand! :) I’m not offended when people don’t comment back, I understand that people have other things to do.

  31. I love receiving and giving comments. I do my best to try and reply to all however I do not always meet that goal. I do however visit back every page that visits mine and I always make a point to check out / follow most bloggers that follow me. in this world of written creativity I think its all of us together that help farther our urges and insentives to write. thank you by the way for the follow1 I love some of your post and look forward to reading more.

  32. I tried to reply to every comment on my blog, I am sure I have missed a few, I even try to check on the people who liked my blog (that’s how I got here), but time does not always allow that to happen right away. And I must say, if I do not respond as soon as I see the email notification, I will forget, too much stuff on my mind – so I recommend always respond as soon as you see the notifications! Hugs and great blog!

  33. I like to respond to all comments, but I don’t receive 375+ on a post, I receive, like, 6. Maybe 8 on a good day. So it’s a lot more manageable to me. I also like to leave comments because I feel it is a dying art and something that should continue, I like validation and conversation generated from a post and I assume others do as well. :)


  34. Totally impressed at your post, your ability to comment on 60 blogs per day, and still write every day in great style. I struggled through A to Z with getting posts done, replying to every comment as I do – but get on average two per\post – dealing with emails, accounts and life although that’s easy compared with yours. Started April visiting other blogs but then struggled as follow so many. Thanks for the post and inspiring so many valuable comments. (Thanks for visit today).

    • I don’t always get to visit 60 blogs a day, but I try whatever many I can. I guess it is a bit of toughie, lots of comments mean lots of time responding and visiting, but I do what I can.

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