Do You Reply to Each Comment on Your Blog?

Donatella Versace Sunday Morning thoughts
Do You respond to all comments?

The A to Z Challenge wrapped up two days ago, and I now feel a little lost.

I made a load of friends despite not doing such a great job of the challenge myself, I may have commented on about 60 blogs a day, if that. That’s lower than what a lot of bloggers do on a regular basis. So it is the kindness of other bloggers that helped me sail through.

But I have a confession to make: Though I LOVED receiving each comment, I didn’t spend time responding to each. Instead, I commented on a few that I spotted via my phone while running about, and then said a general word of thanks at the bottom of all the comments. The choice, for me, with my limited online time, was between responding to comments and visiting them back, and I chose to just go leave a comment.

I figured I personally would like a comment on my post better than a response to a comment I left.

I’m still majorly GUILTY that I didn’t respond to all comments, not on this blog, and not many at all on Amlokiblogs.

What do You do on your blog? Do you individually respond to all the comments you receive? Do you feel offended if a blogger does not respond to your comments? Do you have comment response tips for me?



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  1. Anna S. Kedi

    I believe it is always easier when you receive many comments. Personally, I am still new in blogging and comments are not yet so common on my blog. Therefore, I indeed respond to each of them. Still, for some it will just be a simple “thanks for stopping by” based on the quality and details of the comment. Always a pleasure to receive them though. On commenting for others, I don’t feel bad if someone does not respond to a comment I made on his blog. If he/she cans then perfect. If not, everyone has his style and I believe we should be tolerant. That’s for me.


  2. Free Writer

    I don’t reply to each comment. I have that feeling that some people just write a comment as a formality. I don’t respond to those but I like them. I also appreciate them. But the ones I truly feel happy about are the ones that actually read and liked it. Those I reply too.


  3. Southpaw

    For the challenge — never feel guilty. It’s like going to a big festival, you see people, say hello, take contact information, and move on. ;)

    On regular posts, I comment on comments that ask me stuff or I liked and wanted to add to, etc. I don’t expect them to come back as I know how hard it is to remember where I’ve left comments. :) I don’t get upset if I comment on someone else’s blog and they don’t reply –unless I’ve asked them a specific question.

    I do like to see the blogger respond to a least a few comments though (anyone’s). I like to see the interactivity and it lets me know the blogger is communicative.


I love comments, and I always visit back. Blogging is all about being a part of a community, and communities are about communication! Tweet me up @damyantig !

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