#AtoZchallenge #flashfiction: M for My mind wanders every now and then..

As part of the A to Z Challenge,  through the month of April I’ll be posting a story a day based on photographs by Joseph T. Richardson and prompts given to me by blog-friends.
Writing prompt: My mind wanders every now and then..

Provided by: Jemima Pett,friend, fellow writer, and one of the magnificent Seven of #TeamDamyanti

#atozchallenge : M for My mind wanders

#atozchallenge : M for My mind wanders

Sometimes, when I lay down next to her, making lazy eights and circles and lines across her spine, I think of you.

             It is not a deliberate thought.


 I do not think, for example, of how you used to lie, spent, just like this, after we’d made love. Or of that afternoon when we wrote our names next to each other on the sand each time the waves washed them away.

              I do not think of the evening I came back home early to surprise you, and you surprised me instead, in our bedroom smelling of sweat and candles and musk. I would have killed him, had you not looked at me with those big scared eyes. I did not want to scare you, ever, not even when you ran a knife through my heart.


Much as I try to hold it back, my mind wanders every now and then, to you, and you snake through me like lightning.

             The feel of your dry, soft hand holding mine at my mother’s funeral and not letting go, not once. Your snorting with laughter at a joke on TV with all those tubes connected to you. The plopping sound the earth made as it dropped from my hand on to that smooth wooden box they put you in.


She asks me, what are you thinking of? I shake my head, drawing her up for a kiss. I do not tell her I wonder how it would feel, lying down next to you, letting the earth rain down on me. I smile, and let my mind wander again.


Are you taking part in the A to Z challenge? Write or read fiction? What sort of stories do you like best? Does this story being back memories– how do memories affect our present lives?

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