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This month, I’m all tuckered out, been sick and missed a lot of writing. That’s not all of it. I’m co-hosting the A to Z Challenge, (the one blog event worth signing up for, imho) and participating in it via two blogs. I have to pre-schedule everything– that’s 52 posts for two blogs, and I’m not done with even one of them yet– though I hope to change that today.

One of them is going to be all done with 26 shiny posts tonight, if it kills me, waiting to go out into the world in April. I had hoped to avoid doing this work in March, but life, health, and everything else has caught up with me.

I’m trying to get the second draft of my WIP finished as well, and feel as if it is suffering due to my involvement in my blogs! Add to that my freelance writing commitments, and we’re talking serious time-crunch here.

Sometimes I wonder whether I blog too much for my own good, but at others, I realize it is my support system as well, a place online I can escape to and meet friends when my fiction is driving me up the wall. Which, let’s face it, is most days!  I have cut back on blogging this month, one post a week per blog in order to fit everything else in, but I shan’t give up on blogging entirely. Have you ever felt this way– that your blog is running away with you and there’s no time to write?

On a good note for my writing, however, I had a flashfiction piece published in an international feminist journal , When Women Waken, so that was a good feeling. My WIP has feminist overtones, so I think my writing is able to reach out, which gives me a measure of confidence.

Has Your Blog ever eaten into your Writing?


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  1. Shery Alexander Heinis

    Hi – Yes! Writing while blogging and using other social media platforms is quite challenging. I’m still trying to learn that fine balance as a relatively new blogger. It really requires planning and organization, but I think once you’ve achieved a certain balance, it can work out.


  2. Jennifer (Seriously Not Boring)

    I find that my writing gets in the way of my writing. I am such a perfectionist that even the smallest piece is treated with the meticulousness of a novel that will be submitted for publication. I have to edit it again, and again, and again. Months later I find myself fighting urges to tweak things. It should not take a whole day (or more) to do one blog post, and yet for me it does. I have so much to say, but usually don’t have the time it would take. That’s because another issue is balance- I have none. I am either writing all the time and don’t want to do anything else and my house is a shambles and I ignore my husband, or I am not writing at all because I know I don’t have the time it would take to do it right. I feel that my stories deserve no less than to be told to the best of my ability. That internal pressure makes me afraid of failing them so sometimes I don’t even try. Even this comment took me way too long and was edited way too many times…


  3. Tom

    Yes, indeed it does, even though I’ve started to manage my writing life a little more in recent times. I have a website to feature my writing and art, so I am aware of spending too much time in any one area. My blog is all about writing, and included in that is the support of other writers.
    I started late in life compared to some, but I’ve recognised some of the pitfalls, so when I read a blog, or a piece of writing, I tend to write a ‘review’ rather than a ‘critique’. In order to avoid damaging the writer’s reputation, if I see anything wrong, I write privately. For me, it’s this dual-review idea that takes up some of my time, but most writers seem to appreciate it.
    My latest tactic is to give myself a two day ‘window’ to try to catch up with the blogs I follow. I only started following yours recently, but couldn’t help but be impressed by how much effort you put in. My way of dealing with the blog/writing dilemma is therefore a weekly ‘patrol’ of blogs that I want to be in touch with.
    As for you my friend – remember to take some time out to recharge your batteries; we need you to be in good health!


  4. Christopher Peter

    Short answer: yes. It is really hard to find the time to blog regularly and keep up with ‘proper’ writing. I realise many may object to me making that distinction; but for me, being a fiction writer – or trying to be one – blogging is always going to be a secondary, supporting activity. That’s not to say I don’t see its value, and I have really gotten into it more since I started in earnest just a few months ago. (I set up my WordPress site last September but didn’t start regularly updating it until November.) And I’ve come across some really interesting blogs during that time – thought-provoking, useful, motivating and often funny.

    I’ve now settled down into a routine of blogging about twice a week, with about 50-75% of the posts being stories or samples of my writing, and the others being random stuff mostly about writing. I’m still feeling my way though, and learning all the time from established blogs like this. So thanks for the time you put in to this – I for one certainly appreciate it.


  5. D.G.Kaye

    Love this and can identify. Yes, I think my blogging can get in the way but sometimes I am compelled to go there and write and mingle with my blogger friends in comments. I think as writers we need this outlet. I am also in 2nd revisions and try to divide my time accordingly.


    • geogee

      D.G. I too mingle with commentators to my various posts on my various blogs. You are 100% correct about it being an outlet. It also humanizes the post when readers get to engage with the author I feel. It’s parallel with being called by your name when you shop at your favorite brick and mortar business. Readers know the writer is paying attention to them and they patronize our works repeatedly. They’ll understand when we have larger projects to attend to and support them. They’ll understand a slow down or blog postings or comment response, if they are aware bigger rewards are coming from us.


  6. perlesink

    I’ve been remiss. My writing and painting interfered with blogging and blog courtesies and I don’t think I repaid your kind visit in December. I’m looking forward to A-Z (signed up a few days ago). I wrote a lot of poetry last time I signed up and those poems are becoming a book – think it was 2012 – missed the 2013 deadline.
    I’ve retired from my day job, and I’m determined to make a schedule of sorts so I can address it all.
    Perle Champion at Perle’s Ink, freelance words & art


  7. Adele

    Sometimes I feel as if there is only so much energy in me to write per day, and if I blog it means less time for other projects. Maybe this is true, but I find blogging is the writing that reminds me most why I like to write. It’s helps me slog through all my WIP crap with a bit of humour and grace.


  8. Pete Buckley

    I’ve been away from blogging a couple of weeks myself but that’s been down just as much to the Sochi Olympics followed by one of the kids going down with chickenpox! Working on a second novel means I have less time to blog but I was never all that prolific anyway – certainly in my number of posts per month.


  9. Guilie Castillo

    One of my favorite blog finds of 2013 said in a post not so long ago something along the lines of, “I need to decide if I’m a writer who blogs or a blogger who writes.” BAM! Knocked me right on the noggin. Blogging, like you say, is a lifeline, especially for us writers who spend so much time, by necessity or preference, alone. But, see, I’ve been guilty of using blogging as the ultimate tool for procrastination. We can’t have that ;)

    You’re a hero, D. Not for taking on so much, but for doing it, all of it, so well. No, don’t argue with me. You’re MY hero, and that’s that.
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter


  10. jimrada

    Sometimes I will delay writing my book projects and say it’s because I need to blog, but I think it is more often an excuse because I’ve hit a hart point in my book. At least for me, I think doing both is more a matter of better time management on my part.


  11. egehlin

    I’ve set a goal of two posts a week. Doesn’t matter if the posts are long or short–just two per week. That’s eight posts per month and leaves plenty of time for my projects…unless the car acts up and I have to work overtime at my 9 to 5 to pay for repairs.

    That’s when I have to find a way to add a few more hours to a 24 hour day.


  12. divyasarma

    Damyanti, thank you for drawing me into your net. I read your post on making blogging friends. Like you, I too have been a lurker for a long time. Only recently, I made a resolution to myself to reach out and make friends online. The A to Z blogging challenge looks interesting, and it is something creative and challenging to look forward to. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


  13. worland102688

    I find that even though I only do one entry a week it does mess with my writing.. I’ve been thinking though, since I do short fiction in parts I could write a few posts at a time and have them publish themselves each week. Thus giving me more time to work on my novel. I’m hoping it works out :)


  14. andfreed

    I too sometimes feel pressure to keep up with my blog and don’t always get all of the other writing done that I plan to. I still blogging is a good thing in my experience.


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