How Do You get Away from the Internet?

Camels in Rajasthan India
Girls, Palaces, Camels– Rajasthan, India. Copy right Damyanti Biswas

To write about escaping the internet on a blog is a ridiculous, ironic, thing.

A blog is on the internet, after all, and why would I blog if I want to escape the internet?

I don’t, not really, not all the time.

But some days, the noise really gets to me, the constant demand of voices from all over– friends, strangers, trolls, crazies.

I plug off at such times, from my blogs, social media.

And then I travel– physically when I can, and into fiction when I can’t:  reading, and writing– that’s who I am, after all. A compulsive reader and writer.

Does the noise from the net ever get too much for you? How many hours in a day do you spend on the internet?

How much time do you spend with folks who don’t know what the internet is all about?

Have you ever wanted to escape the Internet? How do you do it?


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  1. sabenelucia

    It’s so true that we tend to neglect relationships that we should be cherishing by instead trawling through the internet for multiple hours of the day. I have found that I am so terrible with social media! I tend to just surf through my newsfeed for hours, which often triggers feelings of angst, envy, jealousy and dread where I compare myself, my life and my achievements to others. What a terribly narcissistic way of living life!!!! Your post has given me an idea, I am going to set myself a 30 day Challenge where I stay off social media, ie: Facebook, Instagram etc. I am going to see how this things and use my blog to monitor my thoughts and feelings this time. Thank you for providing me with the spark for this Social Experiment!


    • Julia Lund

      I hope you get some space and clarity. And remember that you don’t need to measure yourself by other people; you have been created unique and that is something to celebrate! Good luck with your personal challenge …


  2. dweezer19

    This is what I experienced in Costa Rica. There is internet availability in so many places, but people don’t spend tons of time on it. Most young people there like Facebook and music, but they also can live without it. They don’t have expensive iPhones so when they are about their daily business they do it without the internet, i love my connections for writing and my family; but other than that I care more anout what is in my immediate world. It is nice to enjoy the quiet. :)


  3. echoesofthepen

    I definitely identify with this post. it’s a topic I actually touch upon in one of my stories (just get on with it). What I often do now is leave my phone in another room when writing a blog post, and then wright it in word or scrivener (with the internet off), and then cut/paste into my blog when I reconnect.


  4. Pete Buckley

    The internet has revolutionized the way writers work – these blogs wouldn’t be here without it for one – but I agree it can distract from your focus too. I like long walks in the mountains, a bike ride or even the (occasional) run to get away and my phone is always switched off on these occasions.


  5. karrie2014

    Hi just wanted to say thanks for following my blog and I agree we live in a internet obsessed world now. I often think how lost we would all be if something happened to the internet service providers being unable to provide access,meaning that even just for one day the whole world couldn’t get online.
    We wouldn’t know what to do with all that free time!


  6. Shalin

    Exactly! This internet has taken a toll on me. Despite of knowing that things like facebook or instagram are just a waste of time, I still entangle myself in this vicious cycle and that has made me such a wastrel these days.
    Reading and Writing on the other hand, I suppose, are different. That is an hobby and an hobby which you like to do is never a waste of time, I guess. That’s why I blog too often. Any ways you pointed things correctly.


  7. Miss Alister

    This is sad, just getting around to 17 Feb things, but I’m compelled to toss my two cents on the table…
    I’ve no desire to get away from the internet (it being ‘life support’ and all!) but then, I pretty much stick to a set use of it—which excludes trying to do, be, and see it all—one that brings the highest percentage of technological joy!

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  8. Before I forget...

    Thanks for liking my post. I escape with photography, I take my camera and snap at interesting images. I make cards with them, sadly nobody wants to buy them! but it doesn’t matter because it is an escape. I also switch to reading and reviewing books on GoodReads.


  9. Elisabeth Rose

    Wow. This is exactly how I feel. There is so much pressure to update frequently. If I don’t respond quickly, I’m considered rude. So, I succumb to the craziness. I waste so much time, but I can’t seem to stop.
    If I do escape, it’s by reading or writing. I have a typewriter and I honestly prefer it to a computer. No distractions. Just words.


  10. imaginenewdesigns12

    Thank you for liking “Long Exposure Photography.” I get away from the Internet by being physically away from my computer. I usually have to go out somewhere a few times during the week, and I do not take my computer with me when I am out.

    My dog also helps me take a break from the Internet. She is very playful, and every now and then she will bring me a tennis ball or some other dog toy and bark at me and do other things to get my attention until I finally leave the computer and play with her for a few minutes. :)


  11. officiallychan

    I and my children pick a day every week. We switch off our gameboys, mobile phones, laptops and tvs and we read books. We talk to each other. We eat together and practice introspection and reflection.
    In this digital age, there must be an eye of the storm, after all.


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