Dear #Bloggers, Do You Accept #Blog Awards?

Bloggers accepting Blog Awards
Do Blog Awards Build Community?

Over the six years I’ve been blogging, I’ve received hundreds of blog awards, but after I tried accepting the first one, I knew it was not for me.

I’d rather have my sidebar link to sites that are useful for writers, or to folks that have interests like mine– I can’t stand the clutter of various awards.

My idea of appreciating a fellow blogger or being appreciated simply means commenting on each others’ blogs. I find that bloggers give me awards out of the blue– specially on posts which have a lot of comments or likes.

Call me suspicious, but it seems to me that they just want to leave more than one link back to their sites. The very rule that requires folks to go and leave a link to their post on someone else’s blog seems spammy to me. I may have done it for one award, if that, then I felt like a spammer and stopped.

I’ve now changed my comment settings, anybody who comes in with an award will be sent to spam. I’ll then keep the comment, but remove the link to the award.

I can hear a 100 bloggers gasp in indignation at this.

So, in not accepting Blog Awards, what am I missing? Do you accept all the Blog awards you get? Why or why not?


Add Yours
  1. Michael

    I love your integrity about receiving awards. When people came and wanted to make Jesus their king, He turned them away because he knew what was in the hearts of fickle mankind. One week they are crying out “Hosanna!” and the next week when He didn’t do what they wanted the same crowd was crying out, “Crucify Him!”
    Thanks, Damyanti, for stopping by my blog.


  2. caduceusrising

    I understand exactly what you mean about blog awards from bloggers and feel the same way as commenting on a blog is the real compliment. Awards are most meaningful when from outside of a network and shows the achievement of breaking through boundaries rather than a circle of indulgent self congratulation. Good luck with your crazy writing spree…


I love comments, and I always visit back. Blogging is all about being a part of a community, and communities are about communication! Tweet me up @damyantig !

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