Dear #Bloggers, Do You Accept #Blog Awards?

Bloggers accepting Blog Awards

Do Blog Awards Build Community?

Over the six years I’ve been blogging, I’ve received hundreds of blog awards, but after I tried accepting the first one, I knew it was not for me.

I’d rather have my sidebar link to sites that are useful for writers, or to folks that have interests like mine– I can’t stand the clutter of various awards.

My idea of appreciating a fellow blogger or being appreciated simply means commenting on each others’ blogs. I find that bloggers give me awards out of the blue– specially on posts which have a lot of comments or likes.

Call me suspicious, but it seems to me that they just want to leave more than one link back to their sites. The very rule that requires folks to go and leave a link to their post on someone else’s blog seems spammy to me. I may have done it for one award, if that, then I felt like a spammer and stopped.

I’ve now changed my comment settings, anybody who comes in with an award will be sent to spam. I’ll then keep the comment, but remove the link to the award.

I can hear a 100 bloggers gasp in indignation at this.

So, in not accepting Blog Awards, what am I missing? Do you accept all the Blog awards you get? Why or why not?

270 thoughts on “Dear #Bloggers, Do You Accept #Blog Awards?

  1. Personally, my site is not a blog. So, I do not like to answer the 5 questions given. Because non-wordpress users have no idea what awards are and how u get them. So, I appreciate them, but don’t accept them.

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  3. Great dialog here. I think the temptation for new bloggers is that the award will increase traffic. Also, it may feel like a kind of validation. I agree they’re a lot of work. There are a lot of tactful suggestions in this string on how to gracefully acknowledge but not accept. Thanks!

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  5. I agree with this and your about section in regards to it. I’ve received at least two and although it seems like an honor it also felt like a burden and I never even went through the motions. Like you, I don’t find appealing having all those widgets/pictures/links on my blogs. It seems anti-social but, I don’t need to be a community of bloggers. I would prefer the comments or likes indicating the readers pleasure in what I have to say.

  6. I turned down an interview with a digital magazine when I just started my blog because it was far too soon. Blog Awards raised my suspicions when a friend of mine, who writes just about anything to distract herself, got a super blogger award. Three times in a month. I’m usually the only one who comments on her posts. She thought it was a bit much and I wondered if there was any substance to this. That is how I ended up here. It’s refreshing to read a balanced perspective.

  7. Good article, and I’m glad to see someone else that won’t accept an award. To be honest, I’ve never received one, and never even been offered one, but I’ve read that they often require giving the same award out to others. I’m not really interested in getting caught up in all that, nor am I impressed by blog awards in general.

      • Yeah, that’s pretty much the way I’ve felt about it for awhile now, Jane. If someone comments on my blog (for good or ill), it’s worth far more to me than anything else. At least I know they bothered to read it, and there’s nothing like knowing what you wrote has been read and sparked enough interest in someone else to reply. And thank YOU for replying!

  8. I totally understand. I’ve given some thought on the blog awards matter myself — and for a large part I find them to be spammy (it’s like a chain-letter on a blog!)
    However, I’ve decided to go ahead and accept them myself (at least, ones that strike me as being actually meaningful and given with real intention) — and then use it as a chance to share some of the other blogs that I read, or help potentially direct more readers to some of the bloggers who have supported and interacted with me. I just received the “Inspiring Blogger Award” on my story-blog, and put you in the “nominations” list, because you’ve supported me in the blog (by following, I like to at least pretend that those following my blog are reading at least some of it!) and because I like what I see on your blog. So, I say “Thanks!” But, as per request, no link-backs :) (The way I’ve decided to view these awards, that’s not what it’s about anyhow. Sure, I’d love the increased traffic and exposure, but I’d much rather (like you said) have that community building through comments and conversation, interaction is key!

  9. Thanks for the like! I’ve never heard of blog awards either, yet. Now I know how to handle them, if they should arrive. I’ve only been blogging my novel since May, so don’t have a large following yet. Thanks for the info!

  10. This is very informative, thank you for posting it! I think the idea of showing appreciation via awards is great, but the MO feels too much like chain letters to me — I gave you an award, now you have to thank me and pass it on to 15 others! I like the thought, but I don’t think awards are for me.

  11. I read this at such a perfect time. I was thinking making my blog an award free zone, because frankly it’s too much work. I rather invest my energy and write a nice blog post, rather than abide by the rules of the post.

    Also, it all seems a little fake to me at times. I got blog nominations from bloggers who were not even following me ten minutes prior to notifying me that they nominated me because they “love my blog.”

  12. The rules and stuff became too much work. Almost 65 now, I don’t have time for my favorite movie, pizza, pet whatever. I removed them all from widgets now. But one thing I think important is to always be courteous and appreciative of the giver’s good intentions. I will thank the awarder on their blog and display it as a post pingback to them and leave it at that. I would prefer receiving gold coins.

  13. I accepted the first ‘award’ I received a couple of months after I started blogging, not because I wanted to accept it, but because I thought I had no choice! Last week, a few bloggers who read my A-Z posts have flooded me with many ‘awards’. I’ve been wondering how to react. Now, I know!
    Thank you, Damyanti, for helping me resolve this issue.

  14. Oh dear, I know I’m going to sound daft, but… awards? What awards? One can get an award for blogging? I feel like I’ve just stepped into an alternative universe o.O

    Instead of awards (which I’m guessing are only for the internets) can we ask for something useful, like chocolate, for example?

  15. I very much enjoyed reading this. I’m new to the whole award thing (and also to the blog world), just receive a nomination of the first time and I thought it was a nice and sincere sign of appreciation, but i’m probably just being naive! ;)

  16. I’m with you – I’ve received a bunch and have never accepted a one. My subscribers want food and not that Liebster junk. I used to have guilt about not responding, but you’re right – their goal is a linkback to their blog. So, I’m over it. I’m so glad you posted this! Now I know it’s not just me!

  17. I had some guilt about not responding to awards. Thanks for dispelling that! I now feel comfortable not acting on these requests or displaying awards. Your post certainly drew a lot of responses!

  18. Thank you for liking “The Things We Do for Love: Odd Love Rituals.” I have not received any of these blog awards myself, but I have come across a number of blogs where bloggers clearly state that they do not accept awards. Your post helped me understand why they do this. Like you, I do not write for my blog in hopes of getting a blog award, but I do appreciate likes and comments.

  19. I haven’r received any awards and thanks to this blog post and the many, many, (holly cow but you get a lot of comments) I will think twice before blindly accepting. Although, being picked is awesome.

  20. Gosh, I think you deserve an award for freeing us from “the award thing”!! Just kidding. I was feeling cheeky after reading Coastalmom’s new comment this morning. I commented earlier how much I appreciate your post and the many thoughtful comments: it’s about writing and community first and foremost.

  21. I LOVE that you posted this!!!! I have secretly thought this myself. At first, as a newbie, I perked up as I noticed the AWARD thingie and I have to admit the very first one I got, I was thrilled to get… I can’t even remember the title… but it seemed prestigious enough. But I am far from techie and there was a lot of cutting and pasting and 3 hours later I think I’d caught on that this was really a marketing/chain letter type thingie.
    However, I do think that some “GIVERS” of the awards actually are heartfelt. But some are just tacking you on because they have to gather up their total number… lol.
    I have learned to just say thank you … I am honored and move on…
    Recently I have added an AWARD FREE little addition to my blog which obviously goes un-noticed (that goes to show how admired I truly am! Since the totally missed it) that says something like: No Awards necesarry here, your reading and comments are enough. That seems to have lessened the receiving of them… but a few still trickle in!
    Isn’t it funny how this subject has generated sooo much attention here!!!! I mean you are heading to almost 250 comments and almost 300 LIKES for this post alone! Goes to show that a few of us have gotten caught up spending a half a day on one of those AWARD thingies! LOL!
    Thanks for saying so well what most of us have been dying to say!!!
    Love your blog!!!

  22. Wow, I love the discourse here. Learned so much just from reading these comments. And I agree with most that it’s the comments that mean the most to me as a blogger. I really do appreciate when someone has taken the time out of their day, to read what I actually wrote and express a thought on it.

  23. Thank you for visiting my site. This is a thought-provoking discussion for me. As a new blogger, I appreciate your insights and those of your commentors. I had already begun a draft post on writing for me vs. building an audience vs. designing a creative site. Never realized awards ( not that I expect any) can be one more part of blogging that steals time away from the core craft. It gives me much to think about.

  24. I enjoyed getting your perspective about accepting blogging awards. I have to admit, prior to your post, I really hadn’t thought about it but, then again, I’m a fairly new blogger- a little less than one year now, and I’ve been nominated for one award. At the time I was very excited and I accepted and posted about it because it was a way for me to acknowledge those who have helped me in the blogging world. I’ve only been nominated for that one award and I’m happy to stay off the award nominations’ radar. I just want to blog about my interests and I would rather have meaningful discussions than an award any day.

  25. Thanks for visiting my blog. I can see you don’t press the like button just to get traffic on your blog.

    I agree with you about those blog awards. I could not care less.
    I don’t write to get recognition.

    I write to pay homage to those unsung heroes. If people should remember me by, I would like to be remembered as the WYSIWYG blogger.

    About liking my blog about the BCATP, you will find I have more than one, than two, than three…

    I will let you discover the iceberg.

    I just got a notice you have found Lest We Forget.
    You get the picture.

  26. Hello! First of all thank you for following me! It means a lot to me.

    I have just started my blogging ‘career’ and I have to say that at first, all these awards seemed like something to aim at, if you can put it like that. But then I looked at them more carefully and I got bit puzzled. On one blogging award site where everything was in English, the best blog was non-English blog. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with blogging in other languages than English. But how can the independent board that posts everything else in English choose a non-English blog as the best of the best? How can the whole globe think that my blog is the best if I write in Finnish?

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that I agree with you. Most likely, if I was given an award, the votes would come from my friends. I think the value of the blog is, indeed, in the posts and in the interaction, not in how many awards can be seen on the sidebar. But, if someone wants to earn these awards, I’m fine with that as well; its just not my cup of tea.

  27. Hi – First, thanks for visiting my blog and liking my quote. As for blog awards, I’m such a newbie to the world of blogging I think I would just be shocked to be selected for, much less win any award. Congrats on your many awards. I do appreciate your blog.

  28. Interesting topic! I was excited to receive my first award… then read more carefully and realized that it did amount to basically a chain-letter. I was nominated, so I’ll nominate you and 10 other people, and you nominate 10, on and on. I’ve put something on my About page saying, basically, thanks for thinking of me, but I don’t accept awards. I always send a nice note to people who nominate me, but I don’t participate. And I absolutely agree with what you’ve said: The only recognition I really want is to know that someone read one of my blog posts and was interested enough or engaged enough to leave a comment!

  29. This is such an individual decision and for different reasons. I love and appreciate my awards therefore have created an Award Category, for me its common courtesy and respect to say thank for visiting/reading my blog, as I would in person. Spam is a whole other issue and respect you for not wanting to display yours as explained. “We don’t all paint using the same brush. Find what works for you – Die Trying

  30. This is a great discussion, with valid points on all sides. I am fairly new to blogging, and have received one award, which was given by someone with whom I felt I had a great connection, so I did appreciate and respond to the award. The interesting thing was that it was the post that generated the most comments since I have been blogging. Anyway, personal choice. I think if I were awarded multiple awards per DAY, it might become cumbersome. :-) Cheers, Lynne

  31. Thanks for the great discussion! I just did the award thing for the first time. It was fun to write the post and go around and visit some new blogs, however, when I started to comment on all the blogs it did start to feel a little spammy. I really did enjoy all the blogs and started following them all! I don’t think I will do it again though. After reading all the comments here, I will begin to comment more to show appreciation and stop being a silent reader! Getting a new comment is a wonderful feeling! Learning something new about blogging and the blogging community everyday! Thanks again!

  32. Ok what does one get with awards and .How can you spam . I haven’t gotten any because I am new and wondering .Does it mean that person who gives you a award with talk to you a lot or send you junk mail. Can someone explain this a little to me? I am a little confuse..PS thank for liking my post:)

  33. I agree with the “chain letter” feeling about them… Many are well meant, I think (but I do like to think the best of people!). Comments are better and/or a “resource” sidebar or page are even better – I always check out a page that some has labeled resources!

  34. I pass on the blogging awards because to be honest, i feel guilty if i don’t. That’s a terrible reason, i know, however i feel like the person will get upset/be offended/not like me anymore/tell everyone I’m mean etc. I know i shouldn’t care what people think of me but i do.

  35. I’ve only been blogging a little over a month now. I’ve received 6 awards and I do not accept them. I haven’t blogged long enough in my opinion to be awarded one. Most came from people I barely know but do appreciate it. I’ve noticed that many simply go around to blogs handy them out like candy, I don’t eat candy -:) Love your blog!

  36. Receiving a blog award is the ultimate flattery for new bloggers, not so much about flattery but recognition for more long-standing bloggers. At times, there does seem to be an influx of blog awards ‘doing the rounds’. That said, if it gives a new blogger the encouragement to carry on or an ‘old’ blogger the high five to continue the momentum, I’m all for it…

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  38. I do not accept awards or anything similar that asks for, requires, or suggests that a button/link be added to my website. There are very few programs that are not in for their own gain.

  39. I think that it should be up to you. If you feel like it’s someone who is trying to just build backlinks to their blog and get more view from people who visit your blog, then it’s totally okay to edit that out. On the other hand, it might be a good idea to accept and promote an award that was given to you by a well-founded blog that doesn’t hand out that particular award to every john and sue on the web, you know? I think it’s entirely situational :)

  40. Although i have experienced life in this world for many more years than i care to accept, when it comes to the world of blogging I am a relative novice.I think I would accept an award. I do not know very much about blogging awards or the process one goes through to be nominated or to nominate a fellow blogger. I think if I received an award or a nomination, I would be honoured. However after reading your comments and those of some of your followers, i can see that the blogging world scenario can become tiresome and a bit of a farce.

  41. I can’t really comment much because both my blogs are relatively unexplored and don’t garner traffic. I did have an award conferred on me I think it was the Leibester or something for promising blog but I didn’t have fellow bloggers to pass it on to.

    I’ve learnt to take traffic, followers and comments with a pinch of salt. It’s hard to make sure whether the cyber person is genuine. So I stick to writing what I feel strongly about or books that I read. I do hope to find some loyal followers soon!

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