When did You start Your Blogging Journey?

One morning exactly six years ago, I started this blog, with the hope that it would be a place I would write daily. I wanted to begin my career writing fiction along with my blogging journey.

I do write daily these days, though not always on this blog. I’ve written bunches of stories, published a few. I’m not a success story in terms of publishing, but I’m happy doing what I do, and given more years of life, fiction, and blogging, I would do exactly what I do today: write, read, blog, spend time with friends and family.

The Colorful Folks of Rajasthan, IndiaThanks to this blog I’ve met some wonderful people, and that has more than repaid the sporadic effort I’ve put in to it.

Some of the best folks I’ve met are my A to Z Challenge team, Lee and Alex in particular. Half the reason this blog began to get visitors was the A to Z Challenge April 2011,  the first year I participated in it.  2014 will be my third year of hosting the Challenge!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who has commented on here, I do try my best to go and comment back. It IS nice to go back and read my old posts, and find the love from my readers. I hope I can carry this blog another year.

But I love fiction reading and writing most of all, so blogging sometimes takes second place. My blogging resolution? I made 100 posts last year, and this year I would like to do the same. I would like to visit more bloggers, read more posts, leave more comments.

In the next few weeks I’ll be trickling in a few posts of my trip to Rajasthan, India, while keeping up with the usual reading and writing posts.  Been trying to work on my non-existent photography skills in the last year!

I hope to keep seeing you all, and visiting you more often.

Love to all, thank you to the readers and commenters, and here’s wishing everyone a lovely 2014 ahead.

When did you start your blogging journey, and how have you found it so far?


Add Yours
  1. Jennifer Calvert

    I just started a blog on my passion, writing. It’s going well. I love your site, so much helpful information for new bloggers and a lot of inspiration! Thank you!


    • lightravellerkate

      I started in January 2013 and apart from Christmas 2014, I have posted every week, which was the initial goal I set for myself. Hooray! Just wanted to give myself a pat on the back for that. Blogging has made me a better writer and also helped me review the week, choosing the most significant event, journey or realisation for the week. Most importantly, Ive learnt so much from other bloggers, gaining insight into differnt people’s lives, concerns and travels. Blogging is a mind expanding process.

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  2. cherokeewind

    I started blogging Dec. 2013. I’ve been writing/journaling for a while and writing poetry for years. I don’t blog as much as I’d like to with all the other stuff going on in my life. I have got to learn to just set aside time to do that again. I’ve enjoyed the blogging classes that WordPress does and hope they do more. I have a long way to go to be near what you and many others are on here. I need to get back to writing every day or at least a few times a week. Love your blog and thanks for taking time to find out about the rest of us.


  3. Tinesh Rajah

    I have just started blogging and I’m currently struggling with the lack of audience. Your blog would definitely shed some light on how to do just that. For that, I thank you very, very much. :)


  4. GillHenry

    Thanks for following my blog. I am very new to this. My blog is only a few days old, but it’s something I have wanted to do for ages, so I am really enjoying it. Your blog is very interesting and you seem to have many of the same ambitions as I do. I will enjoy reading and learning more about you.


    • lightravellerkate

      Although I thought about it for a while, I have only started blogging grecently and find that I love it! I startec the blog on wordpress to record my thoughts, feelings and experiences on my house sitting lifestyle of travelling around Australia. I love to opportunity to express but also enjoy reading about others unique experiences


  5. forgottenmeadows

    Good to read about your journey :). Your writing is genuine and I like that. I just started blogging here a couple weeks ago, so still getting used to this blogging community but enjoying the process greatly. Keep well and keep writing :)


  6. Pierre Lagacé

    I always read a blogger’s first post.
    It tells a lot about him or her.

    Read this first post on this blog about a war hero no one had heard about, let alone his squadron.

    Written in 2010…


    256 posts later, there is always something new someone contributes to the blog.

    Read it from the start as you would read a book. This is not about fiction.
    A post a day? But you don’t have to. When you have finished reading it or when you get the message, then you can visit this other blog. It’s not mine. I could not stop reading her posts when I found her blog on Christmas Day 2012.


    I hope you will like my comment.


  7. jreidauthor

    I started about three weeks ago. I remember agonizing for 3 days before publishing my first post, fearful of broadcasting typos and other grammatical no-nos. I’m still trying to figure out what I’m doing, but at least I’m starting to enjoy this process now. I almost enjoy this as much as writing a novel.


  8. swanview

    I started blogging at the beginning of December. I had followed a few writing blogs for a year or two but always felt that everyone else had more interesting things to write about writing than me. But, I love camping and am now about to get a camper van which I am blogging about and will record my adventures with the children. People often ask me how do you camp on your own with children, so here it is, or the beginning of it. My eight year old daughter was my first follower. It’s lovely to know someone has faith in me. Your blog looks lovely.


  9. jamietah

    Awesome! I just started yesterday but I’ve been writing for awhile throughout my teens and now I’ve picked it up again in blog format which is so exciting to use as you document experiences in life.


  10. lynneinpborough

    oops.. late to the party .. *slides in on the spilt drink and food*
    Happy 6th. I’ve just had my 2nd.. a modest do compared to your whopper. Wonder how many people start blogging in January.. One of those ‘this year I’ll do it’ things maybe? I’m a year behind you in A-Z terms and am always in awe at the effort you put into hosting, you make us all feel very precious to be part of it. I’ve got a 100 posts expectation this year too, so here’s to us all having a spiffingly good blogging year.


  11. Alison Juste

    I started blogging 10 months ago!
    In the beginning it was a thrill, even though followers and comments were scarce (sort of working on that). But now, it’s kind of a struggle, mainly because I spend more time doing job-stuff than writing in general, so sometimes remembering I haven’t blogged in X # of Y is just discouraging.

    Still though, in the long run it was probably a great decision. :)


  12. hybridZone

    I started my blog over a year ago, although it took me quite some time to gain a couple of followers, and I struggled with posting consistency, I find your posts uplifting and inspiring, keep up the good work.


  13. Salesh Dipak Fernando

    Hi Damayanti,
    Happy New Year,

    Started blogging right towards the end of 2011 right after my father passed away. Writing served as a redemption. A form of comfort.. It’s been an enjoyable ride thus far.. Right now blogging with a vision, a purpose.. Hopefully I am able to achieve what I have in mind.

    Keep blogging.. U rock..


  14. leebaileyseiler

    Started my blog in December (1 month ago) as aplace to a. Practice writing b. get some stuff out of my head in an effort to get some peace and quiet in there and c. to share any small gift I have by allowing people to learn a bit from my mistakes/experience. Thanks for your blog I enjoy coming back to it.


  15. Deirdre Maher

    I started my blog in the Spring of 2010. It was born from a need to record somewhere public the daily challenge of caring for a loved one with a terminal illness, in this case motor neurone disease (ALS – also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease). There are times when I am too exhausted or down to bring myself to blog and I always feel bad about the gaps. Reading your post reminds me about why I started to blog in the first place and gives me the impetus to carry on. I write short stories and poetry when I can. I hope someday to publish a book!
    I’m proud of my blog although lots of people tell me they find their comments don’t get published and I’m not sure why this is?
    Anyway onward fellow bloggers and thank you Damyanti!


  16. Deirdre Maher

    I started a blog in the Spring of 2010. My blog was born from the urge to set down somewhere public the challenges of caring for a loved one who has a terminal illness. Sometimes there are gaps in the blog, mostly when I am too down or exhausted to take myself there, but hey reading your post today has reminded me of the reasons I began my blogging journey. Aside from my blog, I write short stories and poetry. I can lose myself in my writing. Some day I hope to finish my novel!


  17. Jim McKeever

    Started last spring with the merging of career frustration, end of a long-term relationship and renewed urgency of telling other people’s stories before it’s too late. It’s been extremely gratifying.


  18. Monster

    I will start with a thank you for the follow. Then I’ll wish you nice times in Inidia, Rahjastan was the same place I visited a year ago, and it was amazing! Next I’ll tell that I’ve been blogging for years, but just recently started the one you followed and it is so much fun ˆˆ

    As a finishing thought I would like to wish you happy writings, both in blog and in books. May you always have something interesting to tell!


  19. M. J. Joachim

    I had to look it up, and it turns out I started blogging in 2009. I’d been writing on one of those Internet freelance sites since 2007, and heard blogging was all the rage. Turns out they were right. Now all I do is blog, and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for sharing this link on your other blog. I’m looking forward to following both blogs now :)


  20. Amy

    I am so glad I found your blog as I have enjoyed reading it very much, and I look forward to your future posts. I understand how difficult it is to blog on a regular basis, especially when other writing projects need attention. I am dedicating this year to revisions on my book, yet I don’t want to neglect my blog in the meantime, especially since readership is beginning to pick up a bit on there. A goal of writing something every day is what I am aiming for this year, whether it be on my book or my blog (or, ideally, both). I will just have to trust my gut each day to lead me to what needs my attention the most.


  21. MTJames

    Thanks for following “The Well-Dressed Branch.” It comprises 683 posts, beginning with 2004/10/21. It is the product of my compulsion to communicate. My other blog, “No Down Payment,” is my one completed, but otherwise unpublished, novel of spiritual warfare. I suppose I aught to post my short stories as well, as they all stem from my Biblical world view.


  22. Cassandra

    Thanks for popping in on my site. It’s a little scary to be the new kid. Not so much so when there’s a little company. :) I’ve blogged since ’09, a family blog, then, just recently my mother asked me sweetly if I was still going to be putting up grandbaby pics. Was the shove to get a little nook of my own… just to tuck my writing into. It’s been fun so far, tons of great writing on just the few sites I’ve been able to visit. Excited to settle in a bit more as time allows. I’ll be poking back in to read some of your work! Have a great week! :)


  23. twictionlunch

    I started last week. My motivation is to improve my writing and actually be brave enough to put something out in the public domain. Your dedication to your blog is inspiring and I’m delighted to have discovered it.


  24. P. C. Zick

    Hello there – I started seriously blogging two years ago, but it wasn’t until this year that I noted an increase in traffic and the linking of friendships through the blog. Featuring other writers has been a way to form strong symbiotic relationships and to reach a wider audience. I too write fiction, but when the muse isn’t moving me there, I know I have a friend in my blog. Thank you for asking and my best to you in your travels, your writing, and your goal of 100 posts for 2014.


  25. kevins15pots

    Just wanted to say thanks for following my blog it’s really cool to see that other people like my content too and that I’m not just amusing myself. Hope you like the other stories I come up and I’ll try to keep on keeping on.


  26. Carol Balawyder


    I first began blogging in June 2010 which was my initiation and learning about blogging. I did this until June 2011. I stopped to prepare to go teach in Asia and did a short attempt when i returned in November 2011. Then I started again in September 2013 and have been doing it more seriously and with more focus. I have been meeting some extremely interesting people and reading incredible stories from around the world. I love blogging but it does take away from my novel writing time. I need to balance.


  27. Wendy

    I began blogging about two years ago as a way to embrace my life motto of Living Life in Crescendo. It has turned out to be an immensely satisfying endeavour, especially as one builds a community. A community not only consisting of those who follow me, but a community with others who blog. Blogging is interconnected community with communication, sometimes even better than reading a book! Look forward to reading your posts in 2014.


  28. Rich Allan

    I usually start blogging about the same time every month, sometimes after a large meal, but not always. I find that writing, along with GasX, brings almost instant relief, especially with a well-turned phrase that will clean out my troubled thoughts, leaving me flush with excitement. Write on, brother.


  29. waywood

    I started my blogs back in 2007 when I realised that people seem to enjoy what I had to say.

    Most of my posts are my observations on life. However, I tend to live a varied life so posts can cover a wide range of things that I think people will find interesting or helpful.

    I enjoy reading other people’s blogs too.

    Happy New Year to all of your readers :)


  30. rvraiment

    I really started blogging in December 2013. The WordPress blog has been up longer than that, but the initial response was so poor it didn’t appear to be worth the investment of time. I think that was probably a mistake. Now I’m trying to run two blogs, one here and one on Tumblr, am on Facebook too, mostly as a result of the encouragement of the publisher of my next novel.
    I have weathered some pretty hefty storms, from being bullied as a child to losing my father to divorce – he disappeared from my life after it happened, from losing my first born daughter to her massive handicaps before she reached her fifth birthday to burying my mother last year, glad that dementia had softened her but sad that I cannot grieve for her. And that’s only the ‘highlights’.
    But I have weathered them. I’m not looking for sympathy, ever. The pain has become gain and I understand far more than ever I otherwise would have.
    I’ve had an ultra-demanding day job, supporting autistic youngsters in education, though for reasons I can’t explain that work has suddenly become rather easier, and that’s likely to leave me with more energy for the writing which is my first love.
    Thus I shall be around, I guess (and hope) for a while.


  31. smerav

    i started blogging just last month. havnt found the time to blog everyday but i do when i can :) After getting some feedback on my previous posts ive been more encouraged to write.


  32. geralynwichers

    I started blogging in May 2013 while I was unemployed. My original thought was to use it to promote a book I was writing, but that quickly fell to the wayside because I enjoyed writing posts about stuff I’m learning, or stuff I wish people knew, or just stuff. :). It’s been a slow start, but I recently was featured on Freshly Pressed, and that has been a good push.


  33. Anthony Chapman

    I started blogging about a month ago as a way of promoting by books and art, but I find myself now trying to come up with blog posts that have nothing to do with either of those, just so I can give people something good to read. I suppose I’ll know in a year or so how successful I’ve been. Congratulations of making sex years, I’ve read that most blogs are abandoned after the first few posts.

    Also, your photography skills are more advanced than you give yourself credit for. All the best.


  34. Stuff Jeff Reads

    Hi. I started blogging in 2011, mainly because I wanted an outlet to do more creative writing and literary analysis. I am a technical writer by trade, and I love what I do, but I longed for the days of poring over lines of poetry and discussing books. Hence I started bloggin and have had no regrets. Cheers!


  35. W E Patterson

    The first post on my current blog went up in March 2012. My blog is primarily writing related (I am a technical writer by profession). At first I did a little ‘light political’ blogging, but eventually decided to just stick to book reviews and writing related topics. I have posted quite a bit of poetry in the past few months. I enjoy reading your blog, and I admire your commitment to blogging every day.


  36. Jemima Pett

    It’s just coming up to four years since I started my first blog, then eighteen months later I started my author blog and really got going. I found the AtoZ Challenge a huge help in getting me into the blogging community and getting people to discover my world, too. I’ve ‘met’ great people through blogging, many of whom I’m proud to call friends. I’m not as good as I should be at certain parts of social networking, but hopefully my blog will always be there.
    Thank you, Damyanti, for blogging away and welcoming us newbies into the fold. It’s really appreciated. I hope you had a great time in Rajastan – I’d love to go back some time!


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