Do You Swim Free?

Swimming free of the hourglass
Breaking out of the Hourglass

I don’t know about other parts of my life, but when it comes to writing, I hate comfort zones.

I like to swim free, break the bounds of my aquarium.

The minute I’ve figured out a way to say something, a bit of craft or technique, I start searching for other ways. When I think I know enough about a character, I let him or her go in search of new ones.

I’ve read authors who hash the same thing over and over, who keep milking a premise or an idea till I know I don’t need to read any more of their books. I know what their next book would be about, and the next. While there is comfort in familiarity, there is no excitement. And my sedate self likes adventure when it comes to reading and writing.

Sometimes I feel like a particle of sand trapped in an hourglass, rising and falling in the same confined space– and that’s when I break out, write in a different genre, try an experimental narrative structure, read an anthology of poetry from cover to cover.

So do you like breaking out of the hourglass? Do you believe in smoking new words for a different pipe dream?


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  1. Holistic Wayfarer

    Nice, interesting presentation, D. And on your other post, I actually do edit as I write. =) I’ve appreciated your loyal support. You’ve been with me from the earlier days, when I ventured out here in March. Thanks for giving the new “kids” on the cyberblock a hand up.


  2. Elizabeth Melton Parsons

    An author I’ve been reading for years is like that, same old, same old and I like it. It gives me a comfortable, warm feeling to curl up with one of her books. But I also like venturing into new territory with both my reading and writing. Otherwise I might get stuck in a rut. :)


  3. beetleypete

    Despite trying hard to ‘swim free’, I cannot escape the influences of my youth, and the writers that I love. They are inside me, a part of me, and their legacy will forever linger on, in any writing I attempt.
    Similarly, the teachers of my youth, their emotions, and impact; their unconscious suggestions, all still remain…
    Regards as always, Pete.


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