Have You Tried Writing First Thing in the Morning?

Each morning I wake up fresh from dreaming and spill it out on the blank page, coloring it with emotions, anguish and joy, be as it may, with no direction, purpose or censorship.

Frequently called the morning pages, it is a warmup practice adopted by many fiction writers. I sometimes fill the notebook with nonsense. Actually, most times. But amid the gibberish, I sometimes find gems, kernels of stories, or characters.

Have you ever tried writing first thing in the morning before you’ve really woken up properly? Or like I asked in my other blog, have you ever written in the dark?


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  1. isthatso

    Thanks for the follow!
    Early morning is far and away my most productive time to write. My thought process is its clearest, the rest of the world is asleep, and I begin the day by affirming who & what I really am – a writer. The rest of the day is research…


  2. James Alexander

    Hi Damyanti. I was interested to read about your morning ritual of free writing. I’d like to give it a try sometime, as well as writing in the dark. You’ve got a great blog, I’m looking forward to reading some more articles!


  3. jguenther5

    I tried doing morning pages for a while. I found that I was waking earlier and earlier to do the pages, and often couldn’t go back to sleep. The output was not useful, in any way that I could discern, so I stopped.

    It’s not a bad idea idea to try, though. It originated in 1934 with Dorothea Brande in her book, “Becoming a Writer.”


  4. charlieray45

    I write early in the morning regularly – often with the lights low so I don’t wake my wife. I find that often, my thoughts are more clear just after I wake up, and when I’ve dreamed about a particular passage I’ve been working on, it’s best to write it down while I still remember it clearly. And yes, I’m one of those strange people who remember dreams.


  5. Suhail Rafidi

    I concur! I am most productive when writing is the first task I undergo in the day. But some of my highest quality writing also strikes me during contemplative afternoons. And every so often the write grabs me at night, when I’m lying peaceful, awaiting sleep.

    When I’m actually working on a project (novel or article), morning is best. 7 to 10 AM is my favorite window, but I am also a big fan of the 9AM to 1PM stretch.


  6. Gabriela

    I heard of it but I am not a morning person. T_T And If I do manage to wake up early, at 6 AM (High-School starts at 7 AM), I spend all that time getting ready and being late for class.

    As I said in my other comment on your *Do you warm up…? post, I do that mentally anyway. It’s great if you could write it down too but I guess it’d have to do for now as my schedule is pretty hectic.


  7. debblogs

    I enjoy writing in the morning after downing a strong cup of coffee (to bring me out of my usual morning haze). I haven’t tried writing in the dark but I’ll give it a go. Thanks for sharing all the good advice.


  8. J. Michael Palmer

    The only thing that guarantees a good day of writing for me is starting out first thing, before I click on anything else. Before I tried it I thought I had to give my brain time to warm up by reading news articles or something, but I think that morning fogginess actually helps block out extraneous thoughts. It gives my brain focus. Sometimes writing advice actually works!


  9. Tracy

    I resisted writing in the morning because I’m so tired and grumpy in the morning, but then I started reading The Artist’s Way, and doing the morning pages, and it’s made such a big difference in my life! Great suggestion :)


  10. Jane Dougherty

    I always write first thing in the morning. Often wake up with fuzzy dream remnants that might make a good story/phrase if they are sorted out. Later, once the real world kicks in, I find writing becomes more laborious.


  11. susanscottsa

    dreams I always (just about always) record even if at 4.14 a.m. But writing in the a.m.? Need my tea first, a little later coffee, and all other things being equal, then I may write …


  12. tchistorygal

    I write drizzle in the mornings, sometimes meeting the computer before I say hi to my husband who gets up in the middle of the night, just after I’ve gone to sleep properly. Good luck with writing every day on your blog. I have done that, and find it difficult to keep up. :) Thanks for visiting my blog! :) I’ll be following this one. I could always use more tips about writing! :)


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