Photo Fables #32 – For Damyanti Writes


I follow blogs if I like a few posts on it. When I came across The Fortune Artist, I loved the poems and stories on there. I didn’t really understand that these were dedicated to the blogs/ bloggers who followed this blog– so when I received a mail offering to write a piece based on a picture I send, I was surprised. I sent it in, without expecting much, but I was overwhelmed when I got this.

Originally posted on The Fortunate Artist:


Photo Credit: Damyanti Writes

Our love is not conventional
I am small, you are big
I am young, you are old
I am the ocean, you are the land

When I first opened my eyes you were a blur
I could smell the salt on your peeling summer skin
I could feel the rough grooves of your paper bark hands
I knew I was supposed to be alone, making my journey home
But your smile and cooing voice was a bonfire that I could not leave

Of course we both knew that we would have to part
We did not belong together – you free, me caged
I was only yours in that singular moment of saving grace
But you would be mine forever

I live because of you
The blood in my veins will always flow in tune with the ocean
But my heart will always beat to the…

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8 thoughts on “Photo Fables #32 – For Damyanti Writes

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  2. Hi Jacqui – I’m actually a SHE :p
    But please do come and check out what I’ve done for other bloggers. I’m finding this to be a deep learning experience and a totally different way to meet new people.


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