Do Books and E-books Co-exist in Your Life?

I take books with me wherever I go. Who knows when I would have a few minutes on hand? Earlier these were big fat tomes, and I wouldn’t mind the weight because I was younger, my back was stronger.

But with e-books, I find I like reading on e-devices — I can still carry tomes, even multiple tomes, and my poor back is none the wiser.

E-books and Book Nostalgia
The co-existence of E-books and Paper Books

Since I read a few books in different genres at any given time, I can read paper books from the library at home, and carry the others in my e-devices. The library in Singapore is one of the best in the world, I think, in terms of service, and the stock and availability of the books it carries– so I’ll never stop reading paper books till it carries them. I can’t remember the last time I bought a paper book though.

So paper books from the library, and e-books that I buy– this how they co-exist for me. Do paper books and e-books co-exist for you? If so, how?


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  1. melodyspen

    I’m fortunate to have a nice little paperback exchange here in town, though I tend to buy books for life more often than take them back to get credit for a new one. I will also download just as many e-books to my Kindle, as I will order to be delivered in print. I think it just depends one these factors: 1) Im/patience, 2) Finances or 3) Collection – there are certain authors I like to always have on hand, because I will read them again and again.


  2. JD

    I have books and ebooks. I have a Kindle Paperwhite and it’s terrific! For me it’s the ereader done right. However, I will buy books for the shelf for a particular topic of interest. It’s a collection that I want to “pass down” so actual books seem the way to go for that.

    I love not being limited by bookshelf space.


  3. steffw89

    YES! For me it isn’t just the use of my kindle, but also my phone and laptop. I have an extensive and ecclectic mix of books and sometimes it just isnt possible for me to always afford the books i want to read NOW so i will go for the cheaper option and download them to my kindle, then if i fall in love i will most likely go out and buy the paper book. If i love a story, a history any kind of literature i feel impatient until i can actually own that book, have it lodged in a nook or cranny of one of my bookcases (or hidden under my bed so my fiance wont see how many books i bought this month)


  4. lostandfoundbooks

    I prefer paper over plastic. I find it hard to read on an e-reader in any great depth. And it feels like work to me, not pleasure. Also, you don’t get the same design element — the book as a beautiful object. Add to that the studies showing that we absorb information more deeply (important note if you have children) on paper. However, I do see benefits to e-books for avid readers.


  5. Mike

    I now use all formats so that I can have a book with me at all times. I recently put Freya* (*TIP: a free app) on my Windows Phone. I can now read a sonnet while waiting for the little green man at a pedestrian crossing. How good is that! :D As to preference, it’s not the manner of reading but the matter.


  6. Dorcas Graham

    Yes, I love both. Generally I’ll take my Kindle with me when I’m out, because I can do other things besides read, if necessary. At home I have my paperbacks; there’s something about the feel of a good book. Plus, I still get a rush from browsing the local library or brick and mortar stores.


  7. going on growing

    Definitely co-exist for me. I like the convenience of an e-reader but can’t seem to let go of the touch, smell, and presence of a traditional tattered cover.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. Like what you have here and look forward to following you.


  8. Arlee Bird

    I still mostly read paper books and enjoy doing so. I don’t have any e-reading device, but I have read a few books on my computer for the purpose of reviewing and such. Haven’t bought any e-books yet though.



  9. rainydaygratitude

    i really, really fought the kindle/ebook thing for a long time. finally my husband bought me one to test it out and i’m ok with it now. i’d say i’m 85% real book, 15% kindle…

    the biggest thing that i use the kindle for are books that i’d be embarrassed to be seen to be reading… like the hunger games and the outlander series (which i actually re-read on kindle while pregnant). book snob over here can keep her guilty pleasures a secret! :)

    (ps thanks for liking my post. hope you continue to enjoy and i, in turn, will try and keep up with yours!)


  10. cynkingfeeling

    The battery on my four-year-old Kindle died this week. Actually, it probably happened before now, but I just figured this out. I remember unplugging it “just for a minute,” without powering down, so now it won’t recharge.
    I’m only a bit sad about this. I was too cheap to pay for books, so I ended up downloading the free ones. I discovered great reads I might not have otherwise found. I liked the portability, too. But I continued to read printed books.
    Honestly, most of my “reading” is done in the form of audio books since I spend so much time commuting to work in my car.


  11. murnkey

    Both definitely have a place for me now…I’m a sucker for a good-looking book, which is where I find that print will have the advantage over ebook for the foreseeable future – a really nice hardback or ingenious cover design will always talk me into the physical edition. I definitely have a bias for fiction in physical book form, especially if it’s a series – having them lined up on my shelf satisfies the OCD collector in me!

    But at the same time, especially when I’m off somewhere for a few days or commuting to work, it’s a lot more convenient to just slip my iPad Mini into my bag and read something on there. I’ve taken to downloading books I’ve seen but that aren’t super attractive or are quite expensive for what you get (not content-wise, more that the design/paper quality isn’t up to much for the price being asked) and reading them digitally. Often non-fiction ones where the price is regularly £9.99+ for the print edition.


  12. reneejohnsonwrites

    I like the e-reader for its immediacy and ability to travel lightly. But I am still a fan of the actual tactile hardcover book. The e-book can hide from me. I start them and fail to finish. Hardcovers scream for attention and I can see my progress and flip the pages to see how many more are left in a chapter. I’m so geeky, I actually like the scent of a new book. Yikes! Can’t get that with an e-reader.


  13. Other Side of the Trees

    This is an insightful and enlightening post ,,, because I have no experience with E-Books. OOOOhhh! Shouldn’t I be embarassed to say that? Yes, I should be, and I am. I am encouraged, because I am encouraged to go for it, and get with the program. Good job on this post. I would love to go to Singapore.


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