On Days When I Don’t Want to Listen…

….I write quite a bit, because:

Writing to Shut You Up
Writing to Shut You Up

This is true. When I keep writing, I don’t really have to listen to anyone other than me and the characters in my head, and that is a blessing for those times when listening to real people in real life becomes tiresome.

Do you ever write to shut out the noise?


Add Yours
  1. Betsy Cross

    Yes! Nine children (7 still at home) makes my writing a joyful and necessary part of my life where I process thoughts and express myself without interruption. I DO love feedback though. Silence is pretty annoying when enjoyed for too long!


  2. Pete Denton

    That is true. I do like to get into the zone where my characters take over and I just move my fingers to try and keep up with them. I do feel at those times that everything else seems to fade away. I like those times! :)


  3. DarcKnyt

    Having two children excludes being able to shut out the sounds of the outside world and real people. My spouse does an amazing job of protecting my writing time, though, and they all three are huge blessings. I wouldn’t be who I am without them.

    As for everyone else, though — eh, who needs ’em? ;)


  4. indiraadams

    Oh, I defiantly do. When I’m have a stressful situation in real life, there is nothing that calms me more than just shutting the world down, logging on to my blog, and pouring my heart out. I actually noticed that if I write when I’m upset, I produce some of my best work. Isn’t it funny how that works?



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