Temples, Tigers, Writing in My Head

Floating Market, Bangkok, Thailand
Floating Market, Bangkok, Thailand

Life the last few days has had very little writing, cos I have been surrounded by sights that are at once strange and familiar, a language that has five tones  and every word and sentence seemingly ends in kha, khap, khrap….

Yes, I’m in Bangkok.

If I ever sort out my life enough to post about this place, I will….because, for now, patting tigers, watching tattooed, cigarette-smoking,  mobile-toting monks kiss tigers, speaking to men who are not men (long eyelashes and hoarse voices but pretty faces), eating all kinds of spiced-up noodly-wriggly fare, walking through streets crowded with Arab women braving the humidity in black burkhas, getting my eyes dazzled by the multi-colored, occasionally gold-plated temples, seeing a humungous,  5500 kilogram solid-gold statue of the Buddha (a prophet who followed renunciation!), has addled my brain.

I’ve been writing, all of it in my head…but who knows some day it will all flow out someplace.  I’m hardly online much, cos I’m hardly indoors much. So, for the moment, I’ll leave you with (very few) pictures. I’ve taken about a 1000 so far, and I’m yet to visit Ayutthaya, the historic Thai capital.


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