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The Rule of Three is Here!

The Rule of Three is a month-long fiction blogfest, where we’ve created a ‘world’, the town of Renaissance, and challenged you to create a story within it. The story will feature 3 characters of your creation, who will be showcased on your blog on 3 different Wednesdays, following the Rule of Three. The 4th Wednesday, we’ll have the culminating scene.

Patricia Lynne: Being Human

I write quite a bit of short fiction on this blog, some of which resulted in A to Z Stories of Life and Death.

This week I’ve decided to switch it around a little–still short fiction, only I’m not writing it.

On the 25th, I hosted Stuart Nager’s flash fiction, and today I give you Patricia Lynne, whose book ‘Being Human’ is making a quite a splash just now.

Have You Read Flash Fiction by Stuart Nager?

I met Stuart during the A to Z challenge, which resulted in the book of flash fiction A to Z Stories of Life and Death. He was one of the few who wrote fiction for all the 26 posts for the 26 days of April, and I loved his work. For today’s post, he wanted to work on prompts, so I sent him the picture to the left by Andrew Graeme Gould and the word prompts: Pencil, Hourglass. Word count: 250