A Drabble for the Birthday Blogfest by J C Martin

Blogfest drabble
Drabble for Blogfest

J C Martin is celebrating her first blogiversary. Happy Blogiversary, JC!

To celebrate, JC is hosting a drabble blogfest.

This is my first drabble (a story in exactly 100 words, in case you’re wondering), beginning with the words “A lot can happen in an year..”

The words in the opening phrase are not supposed to be counted, but I’m including them, so the following piece of fiction can be a proper drabble:


A lot can happen in an year, but that year, time stopped.

I waited each Friday for the doorbell, let mother open the door, show him to the piano, call me for lessons. Our playing soothed mother into her afternoon nap.

Mother did not know that little by little, our fingers had strayed. We took turns, playing the piano and each other, casting furtive glances at the door.

One December afternoon, mother woke up before her usual time. Soon after, he left.

Little by little, just as if nothing at all had happened, time started again. It hasn’t stopped since.


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  1. J.C. Martin

    Hey Damyanti! Thanks so much for participating! This is just a quick note to say that I’ve been by to read your entry! Drop by my blog on July 26th for the announcement of my shortlisted entries!


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