Entry for the “Elemental” Flash Fiction Contest

Flash Fiction Contest
Elemental Flash Fiction Contest by Jason Evans

I discovered Flash fiction last year, and this year took it another step with my WIP of flash, “A to Z stories of Life and Death” as a result of the A-Z blogging challenge.

My latest attempt at this flash (and I’ve been in a writing funk and on a reading spree lately) is for Elemental at The Clarity of Night, which is an awesome contest. Mine is the 90th entry, and the deadline is 8 hours from now, because the organizer, Jason Evans wants to NOT be flooded. I understand him, because the quality of some of the entries is Superlative, and I won’t change places with him for judging them.

Here’s my entry. Would be grateful for comments, as usual.

If you see this post soon enough, maybe you can enter too. I AM sorry, I should have gotten over my blahs sooner and blogged about it about a week ago!


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