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Of new beginnings and the A-Z ebook

Part of the curse of a freelance writer is you can’t afford to take a break–most of your breaks are enforced, one way or the other, and so most of them are not good. So I’ve been writing dopey little articles, and making a little money here and there, and hunkering down, waiting for this phase to pass, reading a lot, and taking walks in unlikely places. The weekend would be more of the same.

Reaching for writing

The weekend went by in a haze of cooking and reading, anything to take myself away from my own thoughts.

Last evening, I went to watch the Lion King musical, an explosion of music and colors—and most importantly (to me), lessons on the circle of life. I only wish I had learned it as well as young Cimba.

Entry for the “Elemental” Flash Fiction Contest

My latest attempt at this flash (and I’ve been in a writing funk and on a reading spree lately) is for Elemental at The Clarity of Night, which is an awesome contest. Mine is the 90th entry, and the deadline is 8 hours from now, because the organizer, Jason Evans wants to NOT be flooded. I understand him, because the quality of some of the entries is Superlative, and I won’t change places with him for judging them.