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Turning People into Story-fodder

Characters can only be borrowed from life and they’re true Frankensteins, with body parts and characteristics borrowed from various sources. As long as I had a worthwhile story, I had every right as a writer to be curious. And yes, the first impulse of empathy and compassion? As a writer I can’t afford to lose that either.

If turning people into story-fodder is sin, I’m willing to live that.

Me, myself and the Internet

That said, however, I was surprised I didn’t miss the internet too bad. Perhaps because I was busy, engaged with demanding non-internet projects. But the whole thing has left me quite empowered: it has cut through the fog of Facebook, Twitter, Blogging and surfing that I sometimes cloak myself in.

Help: The story won’t tell itself!

But for the last 3 days (make that 4), I’ve been struggling with a piece of 600 words. I’m on to the 7th draft, and after feedback from quite a few non-writing, and a few writing buddies, I think I might just be nearing the final draft.

I wrote the first piece in 10 minutes, then realised the plot was unclear. Once I had juggled the plot and the character into place, I lost the heartbeat of the first draft. So, it was back to the drawing-board, of course.