Apologies, and back to business as usual

I thought I would sneak back to my blog and pretend I haven’t been missing for the last two months, because really, who reads my blog– I myself lost interest in the poor site, so it can’t have got that many visits any way.


Wrong. There are comments that sat un-approved for these many months, and the status counter has been ticking merrily along.

A Christmas miracle?  Who knows.

Christmas is here
Christmas Woes

This year, like most years, I’ve been pretending the year is not about to end, not yet, anyway. And a week to the new year, I cling to that make-believe. I have not posted any Christmas greetings on FB, Twitter or messages or what-have-you…I napped for 4 hours today, a little unwell, yes, but also because I don’t want to face the fact that Christmas is here, and I haven’t done much this year by way of goals. Or blogs.

I’ve written and read like crazy, or lived like crazy, but somehow at the end of the year I feel empty-handed.

Made a list of stuff to do next year: this time around it is not ‘resolutions’ but straightforward dates and word counts.

So yes, the New year is here. And to folks reading this, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

There, I said it.


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