Writing about other writers, and my first printed story

I recently wrote for a Blogfest by Cruising Altitude, and it was fun to do the rounds of some of the other blogs that took part.

In doing so, it hit me once again just how many aspiring writers there are out there. It can be frightening for some, because there are those many more people you now know you’re competing with.

For me, it is a heartening thing. There are those many crazy people like me, working away and dreaming the impossible despite often painful odds.

Good news is not that easy to come by. One piece of good news I received recently was that my first ever story in actual printed book form is ready in its final, physical avatar. The Love and Lust in Singapore anthology by Monsoon Press is now out, and ready to be read !
Am quite eager to see my copy, which should be on its way to me soon.


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