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Blogfesting away

I think I’ve joined altogether too many Blogfests with nearly colliding deadlines. I posted for one yesterday, after a whole day of travelling and so on, and finished by midnight.

And I’m going to write for at least 2 others before the month ends…phew.

If you’re wondering what I’m on about, take a look here. These events are cool, because they’re making me write new stuff, polish up stuff I would have let languish and introducing me to new writers. What more can a green writer ask for?

Writing on Chick Lit

To me, I’ve read a few chick-lits when I needed a light read, and can vouch for the fact that almost all were witty and well-written. But yes, I would be upset if a fantasy, horror or literary work is labeled chick-lit merely because it happens to be a book related to women’s interests and has been written by a woman. Not because chick-lit is lowly, but because the label is wrong.

Writing about Blogfests

Despite all renewed good intentions of posting more often on this blog, I haven’t kept up to it, but this time I have a good excuse: I have been blogging on my other blog : Amlokiblogs.

And I’ve been talking about Blogfests. I wanted to repost here the whole shebang I posted there, but then I thought a link is more reasonable.

Writing about waiting like shoals of bluefish

And then they all lay down and prepared to die. There is only death, they were told, the one true thing, the one sure end to us all. Let us learn to embrace it, to find in it the solace it provides, to close our eyes a little and feel the trembling darkness, hear its sighs and splashes. Even in this blue paradise, where light has no beginning nor end, let us lie like shoals of bluefish, quiet in the darkness, waiting for the end.

Writing about Coffeehouses and Electronic Devices

The customers who love free Wi-fi ought to make sure they order a decent amount, and the restaurants need to understand that some/ most of their clients are attracted by the free Wi-fi, and be tolerant of them, within reason.

As long as a customer orders enough to justify the time spent at the table, I do not see why laptops etc should be banned by coffee-houses.