Writing early in the morning

Writing first thing in the morning
Writing in the morning

Writing first thing in the morning can be such an energizing experience, and I’m so sorry I had lost touch with it for so long. It makes for an easier connection with the sub-conscious, because you’ve just been in dreamland, without the chains of thought that conversations, phone calls, emails, and social networking sites introduce.

I’ve stopped dream journaling for my writing as well, and I need to re-start that.

I have kept up with writing everyday, but this is what I need: wake up early, get pen and paper, and write for half an hour straight. Some people manage to do it on their blogs, a concept that began this blog.

Here’s to more such morning writing sessions. If only I weren’t so weak though. I’ve got to head right back to bed.


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  1. damyantig

    I know, eyesight can be a problem. But even without it, I have trouble sitting down to writing each morning. Don’t give up, that’s the trick.

    Yes, am still giving it a fight :) got a few stories under publication in various anthologies, so will keep you posted.


  2. DarcKnyt

    I’ll have to try this one day; it’s really hard for me because of my eyesight and the way it behaves in the morning, but it’s still something I should give a try to.

    My dream journal has fallen off too, but I still try to do it once in a while. I think it’s been a couple of weeks, but I’m not giving up.

    Glad to see you still struggling along. :)


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