Writing about happiness, cost

Happiness has A Price
Happiness has A Price

Happiness always comes with a price tag attached. Not a tangible one, like on a Versace bag, nor an obvious one, like a room covered in blood spatter. It is a hidden cost, like those we bear when receiving subsidies or a windfall.

These hidden costs are part of life, and therefore, of writing. It is a good thing we forget about pay-up time when we are happy, or there would be no real joy for any of us.


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    • Gladys Hobson

      There are times in my life when things go incredibly smoothly and I become filled with a sense of well-being that is more than just happiness. But at the same time I am also aware that it will not last, in fact cannot, last. So too there are times of pain and grief and I comfort myself with the thought that nothing lasts forever. There are golden moments to treasure which cannot be taken away.
      Apply this to my writing and I see the joys and sorrows . The highs and lows. When getting published becomes an obsession we reach for the stars and for most of us there will be disappointments nothing less than sorrow. Even so, those golden moments remain in my treasure chest and they can only be added to — never to be taken away.

      Thanks for taking the time to reply at such length, Gladys, really appreciate it. Thankyou. I’m much the same, I think.


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