Writing at a different venue

It is incredible, the difference a change in venue can make. A while ago, I was struggling with the revision of my story, feeling overwhelmed.

I lugged my computer to a quiet restaurant across the street, no people, no TV, no distractions. Well, there is the internet, but I have learnt to deal with that.

I have ploughed halfway through the story. Two more hours, and I’m done. Polishing tomorrow and the day after, and then, SUBMIT.

Writing on the writing game

Blogger in Denial

Blogger in Denial

I have been so taken up with so many things, writing being one of them, that blogging has once again taken a back seat. I think I have made peace with the fact that there will be days in my life when I would forget I have blogs, but now that I have a small, static website which links to them, maybe I should not be quite so indifferent.

This blog started with the idea of writing everyday. I have stuck to the idea, but most of my writing now happens in my notebook, which is not a bad thing, but it does not my blogs any favours.

I have missed out on reading my fave blogs and I have to get down to that. I apologise to my blog friends who used to regularly visit my blog, for giving them no reason to visit any more.

Hopefully, this week and the next , my blogs would wake up and start walking again!