Writing from Kuching, Sarawak on New Year’s Day

I tried all of yesterday to remember what I did last New Year, and came up with nothing…nada. Must have been a quiet new year, or I’m growing really old. I remember the year before that, was a quiet one again, in Singapore, watching the flares go up from the ships on the bay.

New year in Kuching began a little ominously, police clad variously in orange camouflage and black diving gear are patrolling the Sarawak river for a 17-yr old boy, the victim of a drowning accident.

I’m trying to keep a smiling, positive face to the view from my window, from where the police boats are clearly visible.

Posting below a video I took of a Sarawakian tribal dance from the Sarawak Cultural Village…I shot it on a normal digital, so apologies for the quality, but I hope it gives you an idea of the dance and costumes:


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