Writing on Donatella Versace and the Writing Life

A Photo Shoot At the Four Seasons in Tokyo

A Photo Shoot At the Four Seasons in Tokyo

The past two weeks have been marathon writing  and writing workshops, and before I can breathe, I have to load up on life and run. More writing tomorrow, a full weekend, not an entirely fit body and lots of emails, when all I want to do is curl up with a book and maybe fall asleep a while later.

And then there are the “Donatella Versace” searches on this blog, going through the roof. It happened in October, and now once again. I don’t know why all this new interest in her, maybe because her brand is gearing up to launch a new luxury phone? All I can do is guide people to this post on Versace.

The best I can do to evade the searches on Donatella is to post a pic from Tokyo, because “Tokyo” is the second largest keyword for the blog!  And now, back to my daily writing and work, work, work, work.

Writing about a solitary confinement survivor

I had seven golden tetras in my aquarium.

One jumped out one night, two succumbed to white-spot parasites, one just wasted away.

Last month, I had three left, swimming strong, flicking their tiny white tipped fins, the black spots on their tail a second eye.

Then suddenly after a weekend vacation, I returned to find only two.

Today while cleaning the aquarium filter, we rescued the third one. He’d been swimming around in a tiny whirling pool of perfect darkness, all by his lonesome self, for a month.

And now, as I type, he’s swimming around in all the light and green and water, just as if he had never been in solitary confinement.

Lesson in there somewhere.

Writing on writing, not

Just read an old article, but one that makes sense, about writing. I like the way Jessa Crispin thinks.

The following extract is perhaps its most telling paragraph, and the one closest to my heart:

There are people in this strange little world of ours who have romantic notions about being a writer, and that, to them, is much more important than actually writing. This is the order in which people like that think. “How do I get a book deal” comes before “How do I become someone who has something to say?” Writing is an act of ego, but your ego should not be the only part of your personality involved.

Kuching Snapshots: Carnivorous Plants

Kuching Carnivorous Plants

Kuching Carnivorous Plants

I’m wondering if I should use this photo as a writing prompt. But then today is the sort of day when I don’t need any prompting, stuff would flow if I put pen to paper. Colour of the ink I’m using: green.