Writing about Plagiarist Alok GOgoi

SomeoneĀ  called Alok Gogoi is a plagiarist who is ripping off content from both my blogs, this one and Amlokiblogs.

I have tried to contact this person, but he has no contact email on his blog. I will file a DMCA complaint against him, if he does not take down the posts immediately.

Since Alok Gogoi comes here to Plagiarise, I’m sure he would be notified.



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  1. damyantig

    I know, Darc, I’m just giving him time to take it down before I file the complaint.

    I can’t comment on his blog …it won’t accept comments, and I don’t have his email. But I think it is decent to give him a notice before I file complaints against him.

    If he reads this post and goes ahead and rips off more content anyway, I will have a better case against him as well.


  2. DarcKnyt

    You can also click the “Report Abuse” link on the Blogger bar at the top of the screen to notify Google of this person’s blatant copyright violations.

    This is heinous. I’m sorry Damyanti. The Internet is made of stupid people.


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