Writing about ways of looking at life

I’m endlessly fascinated by the number of ways different people have of looking at life. I understand these different ways through interaction, communications, day to day chats, the media, and what-have you.

Sometimes, I stop at a particular spot and try to wonder about what is being said about life and how it should be led. Here’s a pretty literary way of seeing things:

“My writing derived from the conviction I conceived during my college years: one should lead one’s life as if one were the protagonist of an epic novel, with the outcome predetermined and chapter after chapter of edifying, traumatic, and exhilarating events to be suffered through. Since the end is known in advance, one must try to experience as much as possible in the brief time allotted. Writing is a way of ensuring that you pay enough attention along the way to understand what you see.” –Jeffrey Tayler

Life and Its Changing Perspectives
Life and Its Changing Perspectives

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