Writing about rain again

Writing Prompt from The Upper Room
Writing Prompt from The Upper Room

I woke up to another decidedly overcast morning, and now as I sit at my desk, it is pouring in sheets outside.

I do not envy those who have to go out to work today, this morning would have made a perfect holiday.

I have no excuse not to work though, because my study is also my office and it is time for my daily writing exercises.

One of my writing prompts today is this passage from Mary Monroe’s “The Upper Room”:

Maureen pursed her lips and looked at her with annoyance, recognizing a familiar gleam in his eyes, a gleam she had noticed many times before. A year earlier she had succumbed to that gleam and allowed Bobby to talk her into surrendering her virginity on the bank of the Blue Lake one hot evening in June.

Feel free to take up the writing prompt and make it your own piece of fiction.

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