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Writing, writing on the wall

The writing on the wall is clear. I need to slow down–doctor’s orders.

So the blogs would have to slow down as well.

Keeping in line with that, I think I’ll have to decide days on which I post on each of my blogs. I already have a Monday post on my group blog, so the other three have to have their days and that’s it. Once or twice a week on each, I suppose.

Writing about …

I thought I was hitting a blogging block, and I was right.

I am writing about a 1000 words a day, went to the KL International book fair and bought more than a dozen books, and am reading like a maniac. Just about the only thing I cant do is chat, blog, or facebook.

Dunno what to make of this.

Writing a daily writing exercise

For warm-up, I try a writing exercise everyday before I start my work. Usually it has no writing prompts, but some days, I will pick up a word or a picture.

The word that came upon me today is “leaving”. I do not choose the word–I pick a dictionary, point my finger randomly at any word without looking, and just go from there. And then I time myself for 10 minutes and just write, without thought, without grammar, just following my hand with an empty head.

Writing about Luigi Pirandello, English, Italian

I’m reading Eleven Short Stories or Undici Novelle by the Nobel Laureate Luigi Pirandello. It is a dual language book, and for a lover of Italian and of short stories, a rare piece of indulgence.

What I love about the book is not just Pirandello’s masterful storytelling, somewhat reminiscent of Chekov, but also the lyrical quality of the Italian, when I read it just after the English version. With English you have to make an effort to make your lines sound lyrical, spoken Italian is music itself.