Writing about hiatus

I know this blog has been on holiday. Other than the million small challenges on the personal front, I have been doing writing workshops, attending writing advice surgeries and that’s kept me busy.

But it has all been incredibly helpful, and I feel as if I’ve progressed 3 months in 3 days! I’m trying to blog about my workshop experiences here to try and share as much as I can of what I learned, but I realize you have to be at a workshop to really benefit from it.

It is not a teacher that teaches and you take notes, it is a facilitator that initiates a writing session, and then moderates exchange of views and comments, so it is hard to capture the whole thing in a blog post.

Two more sessions this week, and then this wonderful learning period would be over, and I would be back to struggling on my own.

Word Count:

11Feb- 500,

12 Feb- 315,

13 Feb-700,

14 Feb- 1134 (writing at workshop),

15 Feb- 600,

16 Feb-412.


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  1. legendoftheprotectors

    I second DarcKnyt’s (love that name btw) thoughts.
    And yeah with the word count! You’re doing great, despite the trials!
    Keep up the good work!


    • damyantig

      Thanks, sweetheart, you are a true cheerleader. And yes, I lurve Darc’s name too:). You should visit his blog. I like his rants, his musings on writing, and the occasional tech review, not to mention his title graphic!


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