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Writing, writing, writing

I haven’t been posting here as often, because I’ve been rather stuck with writing. Which is a good thing, because I’m usually stuck “not writing” instead! And I’ve been more regular at my writing blog.

Exercising the writing muscle is not over-rated. If you keep at it everyday when it is hard to get even a sentence out, there will be days when you’re blessed and cannot stop writing.

Writing about reading, drowning.

As I wrote on my writing blog, I’m currently drowning in books.

But unlike any other man or woman drowning in real life, going under water, swallowing it in their lungs, I am not scrambling for the surface. I am dipping my head into books and staying under. This is so much better than breathing.

Writing about Books and Librarything

Over the years I’ve read books, scores of them. A few of them I remember in their entirety, I remember the essence of others, and still others I’ve forgotten, and the only thing I remember is scattered images. They’ve gone down into me somewhere, all these books, become subsumed, distilled. Maybe they flow in my veins, who knows.

Writing about hiatus

I know this blog as been on holiday. Other than the million small challenges on the personal front, I have been doing writing workshops, attending writing advice surgeries and that’s kept me busy.

But it has all been incredibly helpful, and I feel as if I’ve progressed 3 months in 3 days! I’m trying to blog about my workshop experiences here to try and share as much as I can of what I learned, but I realize you have to be at a workshop to really benefit from it.