Writing about not writing

When I sit down to write on this blog, I feel a little stifled nowadays.

Some of the events in our world which leave me so angry have no place here because this is not a political blog, nor an activist blog.

But the more I see this world, from Mumbai to Haiti to almost everywhere I look, man is man’s worst enemy and it sickens me, makes me ashamed, and leaves me feeling frustrated and helpless.

I know I have to be positive, I know that there are good people in this world, but sometimes cynicism and depression takes over.

I should be back soon, but this weekend I simply want to wallow in my frustrations, let them seep out of me little by little.

Writing on Dubious Charity

Like I said in my last post, I have not been writing on my blog much. But that hasn’t stopped me from browsing blogs, which I do from time to time between work, and other writing.

I stopped by this post today, which got me sad and disgusted, because I could not understand how a “lady” can give out trash in the name of charity.

So, be warned, this one is going to be a rant.

Granted, there are too many needy people, and if you tried to see to the needs of everyone, you will end up a pauper yourself. Granted, there are times in your life when you cannot afford charity, or are not thinking of it.

But to invite people to your home, giving them trash in the name of charity……well, that leaves me grasping for words. And mind you, I am a wordsmith.

I wish I could find this woman, and ask her the question Project Why is all about: “WHY, WHY in the name of all that is good and sane, WHY did you do such a dastardly thing?”

I tried to do my best, which was not much, to make up for this humiliation suffered by those who are trying their best to help others, by donating what I can afford at the moment to their cause.

You can donate too.

For this organization and the children it supports, each dollar and cent counts. What they do not need are acts of charity Cinderella’s stepmother would be proud of.

Now, I know this post won’t be popular. After all, it is not about Singapore and Donatella Versace (my most popular post, for some strange reason). But this whole thing had me riled, and I had to get it off my chest.

And maybe, just maybe, to check out if the world is made of a majority of good people who have their hearts in the right place.

Writing about Blogger’s Block

I’ve been coming back to the blog all of past week (including the weekend), and leaving without making a post. I have two saved drafts, but haven’t published them. I haven’t written in the other blog either, and that’s not so good.

I’m writing other things, so I haven’t got writer’s block.

Bloggers Muse Dreaming

Blogger's Muse taking a Nap

So I’ve concluded it is Blogger’s BLOCK.

And I find myself doing exactly what I do when I get writer’s block……I’m writing here about my Blogger’s block.

I’ve made a few good friends here down the year, you know who you are, and I’m counting on you guys and gals to get my blogging juices going again. Throw me a line here!

Ok, I’m waiting for ideas *taps her feet testily*!

Writing about Italian and a short break

I hate the fact that my blogging is the first thing to be axed when I get into a demanding schedule, but that can’t be helped, I guess. Come Monday I go in for my CELI 3 exams, and so the blog has to go on a short hiatus. See you all Tuesday, and have a great weekend, all!

Writing on the eve of the American Elections

Writing in isolation is a fiction writer’s privilege. But it is difficult to remain in such splendid isolation when the world’s most powerful nation today (so far, at least) is going to choose the world’s most powerful person, the American President.

Media in Singapore, Malaysia and India (all three of which I follow) has extensive coverage about the elections…everyone knows this election is going to affect people all over the world, but obviously, only the Americans get to vote.

Choosing the next American President

Choosing the next American President

No matter how they started out, Obama, with his campaign for change, and McCain with his promise for a clean campaign, none has really taken the high road, both have doctored and are still doctoring facts to show how the other side is bad, and their own side is good.

Politicians and promises are usually a bad mix, but that is what elections are all about. If I were an American, I sure would have been undecided even now. I don’t envy their lot….these people who have to literally decide their future, given the pall of economic crisis over the country, and indeed over the world.

I would’ve perhaps voted Obama, possibly because he is more straight-talking, less war mongering, more collected, and more open to discussion. And of course, because he doesn’t have Palin for vice-president. I’m not sure, even as a non-American, whether she’s a great choice for a role that could one day entail taking over as the President of the U.S.

I’ve been watching the debates, sometimes despite myself, and I’m hoping that come tomorrow, the Better Man wins. Not the one with the better promises, or the better experience, but the man with Better Intentions, and to say the truth, despite following the U.S. elections since the nominees were chosen, I still can’t really decide WHO that is.

Best of luck, America, and best of luck, world……!