Writing about Pleasure, Writing, Agony

Writing is always a pleasure. Even when it is an agony, it is a pleasure.

When you are a little rusty, like I am now, the agony often becomes acute. I know what I want to write about, I know it will come out if I just switch off the TV, focus myself and put pen on paper.

The agony and pleasure of writing

The agony and pleasure of writing

Instead, I watch the US election debate, talk to a friend or two, practice my Italian a bit.

Prevarication. Procrastination.

All aspiring writers fall prey to it, those who come out the other side actually become writers. I must remember that as I go back to my writing, to the pleasure of writing, to the pleasure-pain of not writing, to the absolutely essential daily exercise of my writing muscles.

Writing, here I come.

2 thoughts on “Writing about Pleasure, Writing, Agony

  1. So true about the procrastination, but I am not doing anything useful like watching the debates (I already voted actually) or learning another language (my French is limited to labels in the grocery).


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