Writing about Reading: Fishing in the Rivers of Light

Fishing in the rivers of light
Writing about reading: Fishing in the rivers of light

I sit on the bed as I write, have been feeling none too well today, maybe I have been overdoing things a little, I don’t know. Outside, it is dark and raining, and as often happens in Malaysia, it looks like the end of the world is near. It is 12.30 pm as I write, but it looks more like 7 pm, and I have to have the lights on. A great day to just curl up in bed with a book, which is precisely what I’ve been doing for most of the morning.The wind is fierce, the rain unrelenting.

Been reading like a maniac the past few days, which means have got very little writing done, but went to a book sale last week (twice) and now have about 50 books I have yet to finish. (I have begun reading a few simultaneously.) Reading for me is like a fever, when I get into a book I’ve got to finish it. It has always been like this for as long as I can remember. My mum would complain whenever dad got me a book, because I would say goodbye to food, bath, sleep, play, even the washroom, unless it was too urgent.

I think I am a little more sensible now. (Mostly I’m not, though, I’m kind of hanging out there, fishing in the rivers of light! .) Right now, life, real life as I live it, consisting of daily routine, dinners out, grocery shopping, calling the parents, meeting friends, working, blogging or gymming has all become a big chore. There is only one life I am aware of, the one I’m really living, and that is the one spent reading. The rest of it is just automation.

Books I am reading at the moment:

In Praise of the Stepmother

Eating Naked

The Anatomy of Peace

The Winter Queen

Interpreter of Maladies

I pick each up depending on what mood I am in. I carry a book with me wherever I go and open it everywhere….I really, really, must stop. Okay, maybe take longer life-breaks, lol. I just finished Reef this morning, as well as They do Return, and I think I am in a bit of a daze.

And of course, I must get back to the writing part, but for now, fishing is so much fun, and who knows what gem I’m about to find, and how it will affect me? Back to reading. See you all when I surface, ciao!


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  1. Kym

    My family tends to retreat into our book worlds but my 15 year old son recently asked me to read with him aloud. I read to my little one of course but I’m discovering the pleasure of listening as he reads, and of him listening as I read–sharing the world within the pages.

    At least our worlds now, though imaginary, are in the same plane.


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