Writing about being anxious

Writing has always been a thing of relief, of unqualified joy.

But the need to prove yourself can sometimes be too strong, the need to forge ahead too fast can be crippling.

This is a lesson I learned today, and a lesson I have taken to heart.

My prayer: Lord let me write because it is bursting forth, and let me not be anxious. Amen.

And now to bed and dreams.


Add Yours
  1. indigobunting

    Do not be anxious! Keep writing!

    (We all experience this…)

    Keep writing, yes Indigo, that is the answer, keep writing :). Thanks and a hug.


  2. anniegirl1138

    Yeah, I am so close to a finished novel that I can taste it and it is this that is slowly bringing my words to a crawl and making me feel that everything I put on the page is crap.

    It’s at the moment when one should be celebrating the joy that the reality sets in.

    Courage. Repeat after me: “I shall not be anxious.” That said, I totally understand the feeling.


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