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Writing about You and the House

I have been writing about speed-writing, and also about writing a lot of crap.

Last week, I gave myself a writing prompt of 5 words: abandoned, nurture, trimming, silently, cupboards, and clocked ten minutes on the countdown timer on my cellphone. Now that I go back to it after a few days, I don’t hate it so much, so I thought I will post it here:

Writing about being a lazy blogger

A lot of that writing has been utter crap, but at a bare minimum I am showing up at the page every day and worrying less about the money I am making. In my book that is progress already.

I am discovering the various joys of speed-writing, and at the very least it has been fun.

Writing about a Rocking Friar

Writing is my second profession, I started off with literature, veered off madly, and came right back to writing.

Writing about a Monk Who Rocks
Writing about a Monk Who Rocks

I wish I had some of the verve of this rocking Italian Cappuchin monk though:).

Writing about writing a lot

I wrote a lot today, and finished a short story to boot.

Though I am feeling lousy (which I wont rant about here cos I have my separate rant blog now) otherwise, it is nice to go to bed with the thought that I at least got a lot of writing done.

Writing about nothing in particular

Writing is always such a tricky thing to do. The minute you decide you want to write “about” something, in a “particular way”, you feel strained. I have often found that it is easier to permit myself to write rubbish, to accept that one cannot produce works of true genius all the time, and in the cases of some writers, maybe never at all.