Hop, Skip, Jump!!!! I can blog again:)

Joy in writing againWriting, blogging, browsing, all of these had just disappeared from my life for about a little more than a month. It seemed like ages.

Yesterday, a tall, wiry guy came in, and within half an hour, turned my life to normal. Oh, the joys of a continuous, fast internet connection!

Cannot believe that I actually introduced myself to the internet about 10 years ago, at an internet cafe with a hotmail account. Blogging was then an unknown concept.

For the umpteenth time, thanks to those of you guys on my blog-roll who have not deserted me even when I have had to desert you!

In other news, I have been reading Anton Chekov’s short stories in my free time. Having read them once as a teen, I can now appreciate the different perspective I have as an adult.

I have been working on a few short stories of my own, and understand how difficult it is to tell your stories in such a short span.

I am off now…. hop, skip, and jump to my other blog!

I will be back again tomorrow, and try to keep this blog a daily (w)rite, which was how it began.


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  1. anniegirl1138

    Glad to see you writing. Always feels to me like I think slower when I am unable to write due to lack of access.

    I haven’t read Chekov since highschool. I will have to give the link a look.


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