Writing About not Writing a Rant

I have been blogging much before I started this blog and my other one, and I have noticed that in writing all my previous blogs, I had a tendency to rant.

Not that I do not have insane urges to rant even now, but I am more likely to feed the rant to some character in one of my stories rather than do the ranting as myself.

A character in one of my stories is going to spew out a host of angry, ugly words, at some incident that “justifies” it. Like this one.

I, on the other hand, shall be Snow-white, use the most PC of phrases.

Sometimes I feel like a hypocrite, letting my characters do all the dirty work, the rants and so on.

But, like my writing teacher says, when I am writing, I am acting out the part of someone else.

Does it really matter where I get the dialogs and emotions from? Nah.

Writing about homes

Writing about small homes and cosinessI have been writing in my older posts that I have shifted to a new country, but the important bit also is that I have shifted to a new home.

I was talking to a friend yesterday, and I realized that I do not want a big apartment, smaller is cosier.

It brings people together, it keeps a family more in touch with each other. It requires less cleaning effort, and is more convenient. If I want a cup of tea when I am on my balcony, it should not involve such a walk to the kitchen that I stop wanting the tea altogether! These people seem to have hit on the right idea:)

Hop, Skip, Jump!!!! I can blog again:)

Joy in writing againWriting, blogging, browsing, all of these had just disappeared from my life for about a little more than a month. It seemed like ages.

Yesterday, a tall, wiry guy came in, and within half an hour, turned my life to normal. Oh, the joys of a continuous, fast internet connection!

Cannot believe that I actually introduced myself to the internet about 10 years ago, at an internet cafe with a hotmail account. Blogging was then an unknown concept.

For the umpteenth time, thanks to those of you guys on my blog-roll who have not deserted me even when I have had to desert you!

In other news, I have been reading Anton Chekov’s short stories in my free time. Having read them once as a teen, I can now appreciate the different perspective I have as an adult.

I have been working on a few short stories of my own, and understand how difficult it is to tell your stories in such a short span.

I am off now…. hop, skip, and jump to my other blog!

I will be back again tomorrow, and try to keep this blog a daily (w)rite, which was how it began.

Writing About Not Writing, YET again!!

I have been patiently waiting for the broadband, so I can begin writing my blogs again, but well, I guess I have to start writing them without it.

Seven days since we applied for the phone and the broadband, but still no show.

I guess Malaysia is a country great for vacationing, the pace so slow, the people so smiley and the food so scrumptious.

But to live in, and get things done, er…., Singapore is miles better. There, after 4 hours of applying, I had my mobile phone connection, TV, broadband and land line, all in one go.

But since Malaysia is where I am, I have to put up with all the smiling, the inefficiency, and do some smiling of my own. Just that it will conceal my gnashing teeth.

Hope I have some teeth left by the time I get my broadband.

Thanks to all the absolute sweethearts who have kept the blog stat counter going when I wasn’t around. You know who you are, and I love you all:)

Writing from a Coffee Bean About not Writing

I am feeling helpless and isolated. Writing is a thing of the past.


I do not have broadband!

Broadband writing photograph

I have to sneak in time between potting plants and putting on cushion covers to rush down to the Coffee Bean across the road to do whatever little freelance writing work I can still do.

I have been approving comments and not replying to the ones so generously left on my blog, I apologize to each and every one of you who has commented in the past week or two.

Thanks for visiting, caring, and leaving those comments. Those really cheer me up!

I have been running from pillar to post doing all kinds of things these past two weeks, and the lack of broadband means that there is no late-night browsing or blogging. I did not know I will miss it so, but I do. And I miss each and every one of you:)

Here is to getting back on broadband by next week!