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Writing About not Writing a Rant

Sometimes I feel like a hypocrite, letting my characters do all the dirty work, the rants and so on.

But, like my writing teacher says, when I am writing, I am acting out the part of someone else.

Does it really matter where I get the dialogs and emotions from? Nah.

Hop, Skip, Jump!!!! I can blog again:)

Writing, blogging, browsing, all of these had just disappeared from my life for about a little more than a month. It seemed like ages.

Yesterday, a tall, wiry guy came in, and within half an hour, turned my life to normal. Oh, the joys of a continuous, fast internet connection!

Writing About Not Writing, YET again!!

I have been patiently waiting for the broadband, so I can begin writing my blogs again, but well, I guess I have to start writing them without it.

Seven days since we applied for the phone and the broadband, but still no show.

I guess Malaysia is a country great for vacationing, the pace so slow, the people so smiley and the food so scrumptious.

But to live in, and get things done, er…., Singapore is miles better. There, after 4 hours of applying, I had my mobile phone connection, TV, broadband and land line, all in one go.