Writing About Gecko Tape

Writing about packing and gecko tapesWriting has become increasing more difficult over the past week, because all I can think of is packing, hanging, arranging, decorating. Moving into a new house does that to you, I guess.

One particular thing on my most-desired list right now: gecko tape.

I have so many things to hang, and pristine walls I don’t want to nail and damage. Gecko tape would be just the thing….*sigh*

Writing has come to a standstill, how about some gecko-tape to carry the load of guilt as well? Yeah, right!


Add Yours
  1. lactatingbookworm

    I so understand how interior design can take time away from writing! Decorating is also a very creative process! Hope you get back on track soon!


  2. Lofter

    Nails. Just use nails. The holes are small and can easily be covered if you decide you don’t like where that mirror is hanging! That’s why the Good Lord made paint! :-D
    Having just moved into my (hopefully) final residence late last year, I can sympathize with the torment. But, alas, every strained muscle was well worth it! Hang in there! (Pun absolutely intended!)


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