About the writer

Damyanti is an established freelance writer who wants to try out an experiment. She has an ambition of writing something everyday, something that could be long or short, on any topic whatsoever, but always imaginative and meaningful.

She is also trying to figure out a way to step into fiction: a field she has touched before, but never professionally. She has been published in QLRS, and her stories have been included in different anthologies by Monsoon Press, Marshall Cavendish and MPH and others.

With an Honours in English Literature and a passion for writing, she strives to provide her editors and clients with exactly the sort of content they want: well-researched, error-free, and within deadlines.

Damyanti has extensive experience also in the fashion and hospitality industries.

She writes well-researched articles and blogs on a wide range of subjects, no writing assignment is too big or too small for her.

If you have a writing project or query for Damyanti, drop her an email and she will get back to you as soon as possible.

Comments on this blog are very welcome, as are visits to her other blog Amlokiblogs , or tweets to @damyantig

No Awards Acceptance Policy: This blog does not accept Blog Awards that involve awarding others and passing on the love, etc.

(I believe I show my appreciation when I comment on other blogs, link to them, share their posts on social media, or reblog them with my take. I do not give out awards, and do not expect them. A Like or a comment from you will make my day, and I’ll visit and chat with you in turn. But please, no blog awards.

Any blog awards with links will now straight go to spam, from which I’ll rescue your comment, but not the link. I hope you understand, and can forgive me.)

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  1. Thankyou for the review! It is meaningful to me to have an established writer’s opinion. Yay:-)
    and nice to virtually meet you!

  2. You are welcome, Sweetie, and it was a reader’s opinion, lols:)

    Take care and come back often.

    Let me know if you polished the piece, I would love to read it again!

  3. Hi Mar,
    Great to have you here, I have always had a soft corner for visitors from Malaysia!

    Freelance writing is not really tough, but to answer your question in a comment box may not be practical.

    I will try and do a post for someone who wants to start freelance writing. I will be sure to let you know when I do that.

    In the meanwhile, why don’t you head over to this link:


    Maybe you’d come up with some ideas? Also, feel free to email me:)

  4. Hi Damyanti
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment on one of my very first efforts. In trying to leave this note, I have been distracted by the many meandering paths your blog has led me down – wow! You certainly are a busy blogger. I am in awe! I have a great deal to learn.

  5. Greetings Damyanti!

    Thanks for the kind words about my blog entry “Thank You For Calling …” I’m glad you enjoyed it and I was hoping (sadly, in a way) that many people would be able to self-associate to it. The sad part is that’s what makes it kind of humorous. Anyway, thanks again and write on!

    Jody L. Campbell

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  7. Hi Damyanti, I am absolutely thrilled to have found your blog. In two short words, I am an aspiring writer – there, I said it – and I will definitely be following you aroud. I have got heaps to learn. By the way, I adore Malaysia. I had a stopover at KL, for my honeymoon, on my way to Melbourne. We missed going to the top of Patrona’s Towers, I still feel bad about it today. What a beautiful place to be. Maybe I’ll go again, now with my two boys in tow. Also looking forward to check out your links. Look really nice. Cheers :)

  8. Hi Damayanti,
    I am connected to you on Twitter (Awittytwit), and I am immensely impressed by your balanced and positive views in 140 characters.

    No wonder, that when you have no character limits on your blogs or articles, you shine even more!

    I would book mark this for reading and commenting during holiday season, and would pick up some tips for my blogging as well!


  9. It’s interesting that you’re thinking of stepping into fiction writing. I’ve been a freelance writer for thirty years* and have always preferred reading non-fiction. I majored in creative writing in college, but for some reason veered away from fiction since then. Just over the past few months I’ve been hearing a voice telling me to give fiction writing a try. Your stories based on photographs are a clear indication, I think, that you have all the skills you need. I hope you’ll pursue it. And congratulations on this wonderful blog. (By the way, are you familiar with The Happy Freelancer? I think you have a lot in common with her, as well.)


  10. Thanks for stopping by, bronxboy55, and being so kind with your comments.
    30 years as a freelancer is a long time, maybe someday I’ll get to pick your brains for tips.

    My freelance career is a little on hold these days because my head is crowded with people who need their stories told. I’m haunted, I think, always have been…made up stories about myself and others ever since I was three, and quite upset my parents a few times with my imagination and the places it often took me to.

    I do mean to pursue it, if only for some peace of mind.

    I don’t know the Happy Freelancer, will look her up :)

    Hope you’ll keep visiting and I’m so glad I found your blog!

  11. I came by to say ‘hello’ and to admire your blog :) Wow! I am so impressed with your work. I went a took a peek at your other blog as well. Keep working on the fiction; I had a writing tutor tell me to remember that fiction is really twisted truth. Write what you know! Have a wonderful day.

  12. Hi Damyanti – am so glad to have found your blog! I aspire to be a fiction writer someday, and have started blogging recently. Must say your blog has been a good inspiration and seems to have lot of information.. will continue to browse through… Thank you!

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  14. Stumbled across you just touring the site. We’re a bit on the same mission and I can proudly say I’ve managed to write each of the 13 days of this year. Hopefully we both keep it up. Really enjoyed your library piece. Cheers, Andrea

  15. Enjoying your blog immensely and I will be swinging back by often. You have a treasure trove of links, ideas and discussions – wow. Good luck on your mission, though I think you need very little of it :)

  16. Greetings. I stumbled upon your blog (as a fellow freelancer and fiction writer in S’pre) and thought I’d say hello. Just discovered the A to Z blog challenge for 2012, courtesy of your blog… will try to sign up!

    Happy writing.

  17. hi! I am a budding technical writer after being a software engineer for over 6 years. And believe me, there is quiet a lot for me to take away from your blog in terms of writing style. I am glad I stumbled upon your blog! happy writing :)

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  19. Absolutely love the idea behind your blog title! Thanks for the follow, I’m already enjoying taking a look around your blog (: would love to see some twitter fiction from you!!!

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  22. Let your mind wander until it grabs an idea. Then open your veins and let emotions fly as you write fiction. Don’t forget conflict to keep the story moving and unpredictable. Best to you from Charmaine Gordon who didn’t begin writing until an idea came and wouldn’t let go. Now my 7th book-The Catch published by Vanilla Heart will be released next week. It’s already available on Amazon. Best from Charmaine

  23. Thanks for the visit! Although I’ve been published as a sports writer, I too would like to create a fictional story. I actually had some 70 pages roughed out at one time, my hard drive crashed and I lost it all…maybe a sign?

    Anyway, good luck to you!

  24. Thanks for following my hatchling of a blog! :) I have a feeling I’ll read your updates with great interest. ;)

  25. Sounding a bit cliche’ but, thanks for visiting and liking my post: `vocation’ and to continue to follow my progress. The contribution by your blog is inspiring; thank you again.

  26. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours has an abundance of info that I look forward to diving into :) Though I just self-published my first novel, I still have so much to learn. But it’s a great journey and lots of fun!

  27. Thanks for stopping by the Swamp to visit The 7 Evil Dwarves. I write a little flash fiction from time to time and loved A to Z. It is harder than it appears to write a story in so few words. Kudos

  28. Thanks so much for dropping in at Jumping From Cliffs and even more for following – you were my 100th follower, so I’m doubly excited! There’s probably a prize of some sort, but I haven’t worked out what yet :)

  29. Thanks for visiting Two on a Rant and reading ‘Guns, Taxes and Living in the USA’. Your blog is awesome and I’m inordinately pleased that you liked my post.

  30. Thank you for visiting and following Her Muses. If you’re ever interested in submitting a post send me a message :)

  31. Hi, thank you for visiting- I haven’t been blogging long and so still earning my spurs. Good luck with the writing, best wishes from Manchester Uk.

  32. Thanks for dropping by and visiting my blog. I’m surprise you have the time with the task you have set yourself. I have just spent over an hour trawling around your blog. Very inspirational.

  33. You manage to write something every day? Waw, I really admire your project. I try to do some literary writing every day too, but unfortunately, I don’t always get around to it. Nice blog!

  34. hi damyanti!
    kaisay hai aap? i hope you can understand that…your name sounded mystically eastern!
    i just picked up a few words of hindi when i was in rajasthan and try and practice them on whoever is nearest! great blog you have here…tnks for your visit and pls do drop in again….

  35. Thanks for visiting my blog and reading ‘Speak to Me’.

    I love your blog! I’ve been spending time here reading through your past postings. There is a massive amount of thought provoking information here along with interesting stories and inspiration. Too bad the A to Z is running at the same time as the NaPoWriMo challenge. I just don’t have enough hours in the day to do both. BooHoo!

  36. Hi Damyanti,

    I appreciate you taking the time to stop by the Clearly Conveyed Communications blog; I hope you enjoyed the content. I like your idea of writing every day and look forward to checking out your posts. I’m trying to write more often as I work on growing my writing and marketing business.


  37. Thanks for the follow! I feel really honored and appreciated :) Your blog seems mighty interesting so I am following you as well. I like meeting fellow writers, especially fictionists, though I haven’t written much yet myself he he…

  38. I congratulate you on a successful career freelancing (it’s darn hard work) and for making that leap from NF to fiction. I tried that leap and, alas, am either undisciplined or untalented. I’ll keep banging my head on that fictional door for a bit longer but me thinks I am firmly rooted in reality. Oh, and lest I forget, thank you for following riding2horses.com and giving me the chance to find you and read your work.

  39. Hi!
    I don’t know how to say this professionally, but do you review amateur writer who haven’t been published ever? (add teen to that)
    And thanks for the follow and the like!

  40. Hi Damyanti, nice to meet you! I’ve been checking out your brilliant blog and love it. Good luck with the A to Z blogging challenge, and thanks so much for visiting and following my blog. It’s great to make new writing friends :)

  41. Thanks for checking out my blog. Feels great to have a writer on board, working on my first book (Discover & Develop Yourself) & its been quit an experience. Keep doing what you do u are amazing.

  42. Good luck with your Daily Write project. Do you have any criteria for what you write in a day? For example, do you consider your quota reached if you write a one page story/article, or a ten page story/article, or a haiku, etc?

  43. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the “like” on my recent post. I am happy you enjoyed it, and I appreciate your visit to my site.

    I enjoyed your blog very much. Your writing is lovely, and I wish you good luck at branching out more into fiction. :)

  44. Hi Damyanti! Thank you very much for following my blog, I really appreciate that, and I hope you’ll like my images!

    But that’s a point I need to make – my piece about Margaret Thatcher was a rarity because most of my posts are images – I do enjoy enjoy writing their captions – but if you’re after a real writing blog, its not mine!

    Thanks again. Adrian

  45. Damyanti, thank you for following my blog, After checking out your blog I am humbled. I think you have a lot of talent, and are organized and focused in what you do…Now you force me step up my game as a writer as well…hope to not disappoint..:) Take Care and good luck in your endeavors

  46. Hiya Damyanti. Thanks for stopping by my prelovedbooksblog.com – glad you enjoyed my review of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.
    Well done on writing every day – as a fellow freelancer, I appreciate that’s it’s about being productive – the muse is a great friend but you can’t rely on it to pay the bills!!
    Will be stopping back…

  47. Thank you for following my blog. It makes me really happy to find a fellow writer following me because it makes me think that I must be doing something good the with the stories I’m writing. And the fact that your blog is so awesome just makes me feel happier and more energized to write better.

  48. Heya thanks for the like and follow :) I really like the idea of your blog, to write something every day is a resolution I have yet to keep! I am sure I will be inspired to write more by reading your posts. Thanks again for checking out my blog :)

  49. WOW. I am stoked to have encountered your blog … Thanks for visiting mine, and following Wilder Man On Rolling Creek. I am so looking forward to following your blog. You definitely have some momentum going, so keep it up! And … you definitely have something to say. Peace, T

  50. Thanks for liking “illiteracy” and for following my blog, Damyanti. Hope other quips fit your interests and/or concerns. They’re mostly a play on words or nonsense humor for brain exercise, and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

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  52. I don’t know if you accept awards or not but I’m nominating you nonetheless (I’ll understand if you decline). I’ve been nominated for the ‘Liebster Award’ and wish to nominate your blog as one of my eleven nominees. Why? Because I find your words fascinating day-after-day. If this string of people nominating awards gets at least one more person to your blog I’ll consider it a success.

    Here are the rules:


  53. Thanks for liking my Genre post.
    By the way, I think your way into fiction could be to find an amazing story or a story that will make the reader say Wow!! Then tell it in an original way -read a lot of fiction – join a reading group at a bookstore or library.

  54. Hi Damyanti ji! Incidentally my mother’s name is also Damyanti. Your ‘likes’ always inspire me to do better. I look forward to reading more of you and learn more about the fascinating blogging world.

  55. Your blog has been nominated for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award by the HewToons Editorial Board!

    Visit http://hewtoons.com/awards/ ‎for more information. (Please do not make inquiries of Mr. Walker. He is quite bitter that Keith Hodgesons named on the award given to HewToons.)

  56. Just wanted to stop by and thank you for following my “Chapter 41″ blog…so sorry for your loss…thought and prayers with you and yours…Rose

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  58. thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m glad that you did, your’s has so much to offer, I will definitely be coming back

  59. Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog. You and I share the same ambition – to write something meaningful & imaginative everyday! My longest run was 15 days. I was writing 800 to 1,000 words/day… Then a vacation interrupted my rhythm and I have yet to fall back into it. Seeing that tomorrow is June 1st, I’m thinking it may be a good time to try again! Maybe your writing will inspire & motivate me :)

  60. You seem like an amazing writer from what I can tell. Thank you for following my blog I am honored that you found something good enough to keep coming back! May God Bless You in this next season of your life!

  61. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following! I’m looking forward to reading your writing and seeing how you make out with this daily commitment!

  62. Damyanti, thank you for liking my article about my childhood experience with panhandling and for following my blog. It is through this that I found your writing. Blessings to you, Pamela

  63. Hello! Thanks for following Lessons by Heart, Damayanti. You have a very interesting blog. I especially enjoyed the article with the baby turtles. I enjoy the ocean and everything in and around it. Thank you for leading me here!

    Praise Jesus

  64. Thank you for visiting me, Damyanti! I started my blog for similar reasons, although I might not be posting everyday, for reasons mentioned on my blog. For now it seems like the only outlet I’ll have for a while that will keep me writing regularly. But whenever all is well, I will be online posting and commenting for other writers.

    Impressive list of published work. I look forward to what you have to share with us.

  65. Thanks for stopping by on my blog.

    “Love and Lust in Singapore”…? That’s a great title. Dmayanti, you have my full and undivided attention. Tell me more about this book. :-)

  66. Thank you very much Damyanti for visiting my blog :). My name is Mita from
    Indonesia. I hope we will be a good friend here in wordpress. Nice to meet you :)…I just clicked to follow you :)….

  67. Dear Damyanti,

    What a nice surprise to find that you have chosen to follow my “Randa Lane…” blog, which is now devoted entirely to my haiku, tanka, other short verse forms, and occasional humor pieces.


    Your own blog is impressive, rich, and faultless in composition. I will be visiting often!

    Best Success,


  68. Damyanti, Thanks for following my blog. Next time you are there, please find my Friends Page, and tell me and my readers about yourself and your blog. You can learn about our family of readers there as well. Welcome. I am looking forward to finding some time to read your archives, and of course, I will now be following your daily rites — I am looking forward to it.

  69. As always, your support means so much to me. Your blog is such an inspiration. Thanks so much. Carmen Aida

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  71. If you ever need an image to compliment your articles, and if mine are suitable, feel free to share. Or ask me to produce one for you. Im all about helping one another out and your articles are well written. Cheers Val.. :)

  72. Thank you for being together with us on this book/s journey so far. It has been an honour. We have moved & have a new home now. Request you to kindly visit http://thetalespensieve.com & follow us via email or RSS feeds (the links are available at the bottom of the page)

    Hope to see you amidst The Tales in the Pensieve, Again. :)

  73. Thank you for visiting and following my blog “Musings of a Horse Mom.” It’s always great to be located by other writers. Look forward to seeing what you’re up to as well. … Be well, Dorothy :-)

  74. Hey, thanks for the watch and continuing to like my stuff! It’s good to know I seem to be making some sense. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on you – your writing about Singapore and Malaysia is very interesting from what I’ve seen so far!

    Thanks again!

  75. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for the follow! I am excited to follow yours as well and maybe contribute some inspirational piece in the future. Inspiring others is truly why I love to write and also why I am a yoga teacher and personal trainer. Nothing satisfies the soul as much as helping others learn to realize their own potential :)

  76. Hey Damyanti, thanks for following my reviews at prelovedbooksblog.com. I’m looking forward to reading Karin Slaughter’s and Alex Kava’s new releases in a few days and I’m trying out Jo Jo Moyes for size in the meantime. Enjoy your summer! Deirdre, Ireland

  77. Dear Damyanti – I am honored, humbled, and a wee bit horrified to have an established writer such as yourself as a follower. I’m sure I have much to learn from you. Perhaps we can inspired each other.

  78. Damyanti, thanks for the follow. I only started this just a few months ago and it’s nice to know there’s such a large and varied writing community in the blogosphere supporting each other.

  79. As always, thanks for the like on my post about Breasts, BBQ sauce & a Book. Hope all is well w/you & your air is a little cleaner. Carmen Aida

  80. Hi Damyanti, I am so glad I hit upon your Blog. I loved your USP and your passion for writing just oozes out. I am thrilled to be following you. I am an aspiring writer and your blog inspires me to do daily writing too.
    I would consider it my privilege to have you visit my “fresh from the oven” Blog as below:

  81. Here what does one say to a writer such as yourself. There those that numbers mean everything, I mean sure it sometimes brings a smile to my face, however I write to try and let go of the ghost in my head… When the right words come out a piece leaves…. My only hope is that the ghost will be gone before I… I would love a your comments if made on any post, however I don’t see that you would have time. As I have found that any kind of writing takes a great deal in my life time…

  82. Thank you for the follow! I find your blog quite inspiring and hope that you do keep writing every day. You mentioned in another post that there are people’s stories that need to be heard – that must be the essence of a fiction writer, and a blessing to have the ability to tell those stories that need to be heard. Will definitely be back to see more of your work! Thanks!

  83. Hi, thanks for stopping by and following.
    I love to see passionate people, thriving n striving and making efforts for something big. I wish you achieve what you ur striving for.
    Best of luck

  84. Thanks for finding and following me so I could find and follow you. Very cool that you are a freelance writer. I enjoy the posts I’ve read so far and look forward to more. I liked your post about blogging and phone apps too. Good to know I don’t seem to be missing out. :)

  85. Greetings, Damyanti! Thank you for following “Temporary Sanity”. Considering your qualifications, I’m honored that you considered me worthy. I shall visit you often.

  86. Damyanti, I love the idea of writing everyday. Though I haven’t started doing it, I have started writing 3 or 4 days a week. Thank you for following my blog. -sri

  87. As one of my positions was eliminated, I’m looking into other options. An author whose work I’ve edited has suggested editing and freelancing. You’ve given me ideas how to “sell” myself. Thank you for liking and following my blog.

  88. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    I find it hard to write every day myself. More precisely, I find it hard to write something of INTEREST every day without being boring or sounding like those Facebook posts that made me cancel my account – you know, the ones that talk about what they do each and every day.

    I applaud you and your goal. I tried it for a while and was able to do it, but stopped when something interesting came up. Reading this may motivate me to try it again.

    Thanks again, and best wishes!

  89. Thanks Damyanti for the visit to my blog. Although had been a journalist for more than 20 years, I started taking my blog seriously only recently. Hopefully, can continue this.

  90. Thank you for following my blog. I’m in the middle of writing a YA fiction at 30,000 words. My Beta readers, mostly children’s librarians are encouraging about my first novel and shorter children’s stories although the publishing scene is bleak this year. the librarians also said that people are reading more than ever so that’s encouraging. At least in New Zealand!

  91. Hi thank you for visit my blog and following me. Although i have to say i’m not a writer or a poet i’m just a father who is inspired by his son and sometimes with things or objects i come across like my last post “poem on a wall”. Kind regards Jos

  92. Thanks so much for visiting Discover Santosha and deciding to follow. I’m honored to have you as a reader! I’m happy that I have now found your site, and look forward to reading more of it.

  93. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and liking one of my posts. Not only was it nice to get a thumbs up, I am totally inspired by your blog and looking forward to losing some hours exploring.

  94. Hi Damyanti! Just wanted to give you a heads up that I’ve nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award because your site is so inspiring. If you’re interested in picking it up, please pass by my blog again to pick it up. Lily. :)

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  97. Hi, I just wanted to thank you for taking a look at my blog and liking a post there. I never would have found yours if you hadn’t :-) I like it! I am also trying to start writing and my blog is pretty much my first attempt. I hope I can keep it interesting and engaging like yours is.

  98. I’m glad that you liked my post “A matter of perspective,” and I hope that you will continue to enjoy my blog. I must say, I’m impressed with your goal of writing daily and know that I wouldn’t even attempt it. I have enough trouble blogging weekly!

  99. You have stopped by blog in the past, and liked one of my posting, Apparently you have done so again. Thank you, I hope your writing experience has worked and you have managed your daily writing. Smiling it is all I can do to keep it together to write a 1650 word post. I wish you much success in writing a complete fictional novel. Please take care, Bill

  100. Hello Damyanti. I appreciate you stopping by my blog about how to write a novel. I appreciate how prolific you are as a blogger and hope I can keep up my commitment of blogging every day about the process of writing a novel. I’ll drop by again sometime and see how you are doing!

  101. I’m pleased you stopped by my blog and enjoyed it! That’s all I can ask for as a writer. Well, that, and a steady paycheck, right?
    I can’t wait to get familiar with your writing. I’m a fiction writer, so if I can be of any use in your search for a fiction career, I’d be happy to help.

  102. Hi Damyanti, thanks for dropping by my blog. I like your blog. Wonderful tips on writing! I found your article on free-lance writing careers very helpful. I have actually starting looking into web content writing as a career and figured a blog would be a good place to start. I am attempting to write a novel in my spare time and hope someday to be published.

  103. Hello Damyanti! Thanks for stopping by my main blog! I know what you mean about striving to write every day; it becomes addictive with time! I just published my first book, historical fiction (The Price of Freedom, by Stephanie Huesler), and am well into the next project (with several on the back burners simmering…), so outlining, writing, editing, slicing, drafting and re-writing are all close cousins. Good luck in your own writing endeavours!

  104. Thanks for the follow on my ChefTellGoodies.com blog site. The biography comes out on October 1, 2013. At times, the prospect of how to get plenty of eyeballs in front of the book seems breathtaking to the verge of overwhelm. I’m not too good at reaching high numbers of people… but the book is cool and the story fascinating.

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  106. Hi Damyanti

    Nice blog. Follow your heart

    All the best and happy writing

    “All the world will be happier and better, when the men and women have the souls of artists,, like that of an Ayrton Senna.”
    - craig (as inspired by Rodin’s famous words)

    “Passion is the spark that lights the flame.”

  107. Hi Damayanti,
    Thanks for the like. I love the concept behind this blog. Writing everyday is hard, but a great exercise for the mind! I’m currently only posting once or twice a week, but I’m looking forward to increasing my content. The idea of posting something everyday, no matter how long or short, seems like a goal I could definitely work towards. Thanks for the inspiration!

  108. Thanks for the “like.” I enjoy writing and would love to break in to freelance.
    “Write something everyday” is a demanding challenge for me. Doable? I hope so.

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  110. Love your blog! Wow, wish I was as advanced as you with blogging. It’s totally new to me. Tried about six, eight months ago, gave up, and now I’m on there again. Once my first book of the series is published, hopefully I’ll be more organized. Thanks for checking out my blog as well.

  111. Great stuff on here, thanks for this. Please check out my blog when you can; I’ve got a lot of my own writing on there.
    Looking forward to reading more!

  112. Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for all your likes.
    I’m visiting your blog for the first time . It’s amazing.
    How can we be in touch?
    Got to learn lots from you.
    God bless u.

  113. Hi…
    Thank you for liking my post.
    Visiting your blog really make me WOW, I’m intrigue to know your story and all because right now I’m trying to write out from my comfort zone.
    Would you mind we keep in touch?

  114. Liked the Peeping Toe. Nice perspective, vehicle for looking at people, partner and self. I loved the “bloody annoying air of formal self-importance”.

  115. I wanted to thank you, Damyanti, for being the first follower on my new blog, Slow Writer. I’ve been looking over your blog and I see how it will become extremely helpful in my journey to write, and to write well. Looking forward to reading more of your work. Colleen

  116. Thanks for visiting my blog. The whole writing exercise was why I started my blog a couple years ago. It turns out, I have a lot of fun with it! The downside is that it takes time away from my trying to write my book. If only we had more hours in the day (and were more disciplined :) )

  117. thank you for visiting my blog about the Robert Harris book A Soldier and a Spy. I am not usually a fan of his books, counter-history has to be very good indeed to work well and I am not that interested in the Roman stuff. You look like a very busy blogger!

  118. I’m glad that you continue to enjoy my posts. Yours on the writing bootcamp reflect my own experiences. It’s always great to get feedback and the perspectives of people in the business. – Gina

  119. Hello Damyanti! Love that you Like my blog. Much appreciated. Let people know I didn’t pay you to do that. I like your writing style. It flows. Good philosophy too. Like it. Be well.

  120. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your Daily (w)rite blog looks very interesting. I’ll be checking in often. Two things any author can do to help their writing is enter contests and join a critique group! The feedback you get is tremendous.

  121. Thanks for visiting my blog and the like! I would love to continue to write daily after my 30 Days are up…I tried last year and it didn’t stick, but I want to really try to do so this year :) You inspire me :)

  122. Thanks for checking out my blog. I am just starting to post. I have been writing for many years not taking the outreach seriously…never saw myself as writing anything worthy enough to share with those I don’t know. So I appreciate your feedback. I am not so shy to share with People but just not sure how to get myself started.
    I enjoy reading your blog…..good feeling in your writing….

  123. Hello Damyanti. Thank you for liking one of my recent blog posts. I look forward to reading more of your blog. In case you’re interested, there’s still time to enter my Giveaway Raffle to win 1 of 5 signed copies of my online dating book “Free Love – True Stories of Love and Lust on the Internet” on my Facebook page http://bit.ly/17jMp8f. Multiple entries possible thru 11/30/13. Good luck!

  124. Thanks for again visiting and liking my blog!
    I’m getting my foot in the door as a freelance writer and also dabbling with fiction writing (the kind I know best as a school librarian, children’s books). I have a sort-of manuscript of a picture book in the works right now. We should see each others’ names on a book cover soon!

  125. Hi Damyanti…

    One thing common between both of us and every other blogger is- our passion for writing!

    Glad to know that you make it a point that you write everyday! gr8.. i think you have inspired me now as I’ve been ignoring my writing, mentally blocked these days for reasons- i don’t know and thus not writing frequently… Thanks for reminding me!! :) :)

    Glad to meet you!

    Warm Regards,

  126. Ni hao Damyanti – so glad you visited my blog and liked it! I have been looking at your blog which is fascinating. I am a voracious reader so I was particularly pleased to be introduced to a new author – Suchen Christine Lim – whose book, The River’s Song, I will certainly be buying when it comes out. I have visited Singapore and Malaysia several times, but many years ago (1980s) now I find myself – aged 60+ – living in China, considering that I grew up in central Africa, lived for 30+ years in London, it is interesting the twists and turns that take you through life! I’ll be checking in to your blog regularly, and hope you may do the same to mine!

  127. Kind of you to stop by my blog, taking a look at my recent post, My Ideal Bookshelf. Too, I have taken a quick look at your blog and have found some posts of interest and will surely stop by back to read of your adventures and insight.

  128. Thanks for stopping by betterendingsnow.com and Liking. I invite you and your readers to submit a Guest Blog by answering: “What do Better Endings Mean to YOU?” Or submit a Better Endings Story of the Week entry on our weekly topic (see blog). Authors will receive an author’s byline and a brief bio where you can include web site info.-LInda Watts of betterendingsnow.com

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  130. Hi Damyanti, thank you for stopping by at my blog and liking my post! I love writing and am new to the blogging business but I’m enjoying it so far :) I’m following you now to stay updated on your blog! Cheers!

  131. You recently visited my blog and liked one of my current posts, thank you very much. I do appreicate the visit and the like. Hopefully you will find other reasons to visit again in the future,. Take care, Bill

  132. Hello Damyanti, thank you for liking and following my blog. I love writing. I think your blog is one hell of a good cup of tea and I will follow.

  133. Thank you for deciding to follow my blog. I have no interest in becoming a writer myself but love reviewing the books that I have read, so when you have written your first novel, let me know!

  134. Hi
    Thankyou so much for stopping by my Blog and following. I am humbled. I just browsed your blog and all about you…My God! I am so impressed :-) . I will keep visiting often now.

  135. Thank you for the ‘like’ on my post about ‘the truth’. And thank you for ‘following’. As a retired newspaper journalist, I hope you find some worth to my posts. I have looked around your blog, and must say it is a good blog. Good luck with all your writing endeavors. :)

  136. Thank you for the ‘likes’ and ‘following’, though I hope you understand the language I am using on my blog :D I wish I can write fiction in English, too, someday. I really like your blog, it is full with helpful resources and articles!

  137. Thanks for the follow! I’m looking forward to connecting with you and other writers. It’s great to have this type of supportive community! Thanks again!

  138. Hi Damyanti. :) Thank you so much for following me, I just looked around your blog and I love love love it! I’m trying to alternate mine between book reviews and writing but I was blown away by how awesome your writing is :) Thank thank you!

  139. So you decided to join the small clan of Uncle Spike followers, sometimes known as The Spikey’s…. That makes me a happy blogger now – I really appreciate you making that special mouse click.

    Hope you like my upcoming posts and if you get bored one day, maybe you’ll enjoy trawling through some of my older stuff too.

    If you have any likes, dislikes or suggestions about my blog, just let me know, either through ‘comments’ or via email. Always welcome reader input :)

    Have a great old day…

  140. Hi Damyanti,
    Thanks for following my blog and liking my post. I am intrigued to know how you found my blog, and how you find all the other blogs you follow? I am completely new to this whole blogging world and I’m having trouble finding other blogs that I’m interested in reading (although yours like it will have plenty to interest me). I’ve tried tag searches and google searches but I’m having no luck. Any advice to a novice blogger would be most appreciated – I don’t know how this works so feel free to make any comments in my ‘About’ section (which is blank at this stage), or on any of my posts, or here if that is how this works. I will definately be checking back in to see your future posts. Thanks!!!

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  142. Good Lord, I wore my finger out scrolling down to get here. The “meaningful” part will be the most difficult. The “imaginative” shouldn’t be too hard. I’ve got that part pretty good – comes from lying; been practicing that starting with first spoken words. Of course, I didn’t start speaking all that early. I think I was around 7. Thanks for following me. Please proofread my posts for me. When my blog partner catches the errors she calls me a hopeless moron.

  143. You were nice enough to visit my blog, which happily made me aware of yours. You do really great work! I’m now following you and am going to catch up on all your posts. As I’m visiting Malaysia in a couple of months, I’ll be taking special note of your posts about that. Cheers!

  144. Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for taking a look at my blog. It means a lot! Your own blog looks really interesting, and I will definitely be having a look around it :)
    Best, Sohini

  145. Thanks Damyanti. Good luck with your writing. I know how difficult it is to get published, but keep trying, it is a great adventure and writing is a truly honorable activity. Maybe you could try my publisher, Faraxa Publishing, Malta. They are small, new and very approachable.

  146. Damyanti – thank you so much for stopping by Aspiring to Inspire & the follow. I appreciate your time. Best of success in your goal of writing something every day. It can be quite the challenge, but certainly not impossible. I look forward to reading your posts.

  147. I’m on the verge of switching my efforts from blogging to trying Smashwords—your blog is a real shot in the arm~!
    Now, apparently, all I have to do is convert from Mac to MS Words (and a million other things) then survive the dreaded ‘Meatgrinder’.
    Brrrr …

  148. Delighted to see that you have found and are following dragonshades. I am a great enthusiast of words although I use them sparingly on my blog. It will be good to explore your wrting.

  149. Thank you so much for following, madam!
    I’m jealous of your job. You get to see Proboscis Monkeys.
    I would kill to see a monkey with an impressive schnoz once in a while.
    Thanks again, and keep writing great stuff!

  150. A short comment, but I like to thank every blogger who opts to follow my work. Following entails more than clicking a button; it delivers what another has written right into your lap. And unlike a browse along the shelves of a shop, this may not be what you want. So I thank you for trusting me not to deliver anything too outrageous, offensive or antisocial (I suppose those descriptors all blur to one.) I wish you the best with breaking into the fiction market. It was competitive before the advent of e-books; it must be crazy by now. :)

  151. Hello Damyanti.

    Thank you for the follow at “Through The Cracked Window.”

    I admire your writing a great deal and want to wish you all the best with your goal of breaking into the fiction market. I have a book of poetry published and a novel that the may well be finished one day, if they could just invent 30 hour days :)


  152. I realized I know who you were as in when I got the feed I was like I know Damyanti and then I realized I read Peeping Toe. So thanks for the link really appreciate it :)

  153. I love your blog! I’ve just started out and it’s inspiring to how other people are using their voice to impact lives. Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog and follow it. I’ll be popping by from now on to explore yours also.

  154. Damyanti! Thank you for following – as a new writer likes and follows are (not the be all and end all.. but) a really useful yard stick of when I get it right. I’ve read posts on your blog before it’s really excellent, I’m sure you’re success will be wonderfully continuous in this project and others. x

  155. Hello, Damyanti. Thanks for following alablague. I hope that you continue to like it. I’ve just ordered your A-Z book on Kindle and look forward to finding out more. I’m in England but I spent some happy if brief times in Singapore.

  156. A friendly ‘hello’ from an aspiring writer. Great to make the acquaintance with a published freelance writer. Surely there are many things I can learn from. Blessings and love to you ♥

  157. Hi, Damyanti! Thank you so much for following me at BigBodyBeautiful, my “writerly” sister! I LOVE what you are doing here and feel so inspired by visiting your blog. So, count me among your followers, too! Keep up the good work of supporting the writing world. You’re helping so many people! Big, warm hugs, BigLizzy

  158. Hey!

    Thanks for following our blog Equals Awesome (www.equalsawesome.com). We really appreciate your interest and will try our best to maintain the highest standards of awesome in everything we do!



  159. Hello Rainier,
    fabulous blog! Thanks for stopping by Barking at the Wrong Tree. My main blog is Ofglassandbooks, where I have just written something about writing every day. The post is called Cooking and writing. Please stop by, you might find it amusing. and apologies in advance for using “metaphor” instead of “analogy”!!
    All the best,
    OG&B (a blogging friend suggested the shortening of my blog’s full name!)

  160. Hello Damyonti,
    I am pleased to see such an established writer like my blog “Introduction for what I write about”. I hope you have time to read the whole four part series, and with your professional knowledge i would love to hear your thoughts. I would appreciate your comment good or indifferent. I am now a follower of your posts because you are a helpful person and we are very thankful for your knowledge.;)

  161. Hey there! Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for following my blog! I really like the goal of yours – writing something every day is what I aspire to, as well. I look forward to reading your work!

  162. Hi Damyonti thank you for the follow and the likes! Please be aware that my blog is a bilingual one. So you may get links to some poems in English as well as to some in Italian… I’m trying to keep the posting balanced between the two languages. Keep up the good work. Happy New year!!

  163. Thank you for taking the time to visit and follow my blog, Dreaming the World. I love that you are stepping into the New, and sharing your adventure with the rest of us. I try to write several times a week and find that to be challenging. Perhaps I will yet find the time and discipline to write daily. I hope you will continue to be a bright light.

  164. Hi Damyanti, As a way of saying thanks for supporting me in 2013 by following and reading my writing blog, I’d like to nominate you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award.

    Many thanks, and Happy 2014!

  165. Well Damyanti,

    I would like to thank you for stopping by a little bit on our blog, and mostly for following it. I feel sincerely honored, thank you :-)

    I will follow your blog also because I am always keen to learn something new, because it is fair and “normal” to do so (as I begin to understand the ethics of the blogosphere), but mostly because I can see that you really apply to yourself what you claim: “blogging is about being a part of a community”, and to me it is the core of the “trust” I will give to you, because you are fair and honest… That is why anyone can find many comments and “guest bloggers” on your pages, that is why I feel “freshness” right here and I can really “breathe” reading your lines…

    For the time being I struggle to improve my English (which is not my mother tongue) and am confident that somehow I will find the “niche”, the readers I write for and for whom I try to invent a kind of telepathy : those people that do not believe that you can effectively change and live “many lives” during one single existence. So I apologize in advance because some of my future posts will be as eclectic as cooking recipes, opinions or team building “tips & tricks”, but I decided that, in the end, our lives ARE eclectic, so our blog should be the same, shouldn’t it ?

    For that, I would like to share a large part of our life experience and some of our learnings that are, all of them, what others taught us :-)

    So thank you once again for your consideration and kindness! Have a great new year!!

    Yours truly,


    PS : I am a great fan of Asia (and its philosophy) and visited a part of Malaysia some years ago…

  166. Hi Damyanti,
    Good morning to you from Naples, Italy. I had to stop by to thank you for following me and finding your blog has been a great new year’s gift. As an aspiring writer it is so important to find sources of inspiration and boy you are one of those great sources. Thank you so much for finding time to look at my blog.
    Ciao for now,

  167. Hello,
    Thank you for liking and following my blog! Hope to read more of your inspiring posts. It is an encouragement for an upcoming writer when someone established like you follows our post! :)

  168. Hi Damyanti,
    Thanks for taking the time to read my posts and follow my blog. It’s always a surprise when a stranger stops by with a kind word or action. I think that my daily writing ritual may be different to yours, in that it is (at this moment) more of a journaling exercise. I hope that once I’ve ‘catharted’ (I know, not a real verb) I may well be able to attempt to write in more creative ways. We will see.

  169. Hello! It’s great to meet you.

    Thank you for following my blog. You have a fascinating site. I’ve had the chance to read some of your writings and they’re wonderful. I’m also attempting to blog daily, no matter what the topic is. Four days into the new year and so far, so good. haha.

    - Deirdre

  170. Hi there
    As a way of saying thanks for supporting me in 2013 by following and reading my writing blog, I’d like to nominate you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award.
    Many thanks, and Happy 2014!

  171. Wow! What a following you have. I’m looking forward to exploring your work. And thanks for following my blog, “The Well-Dressed Branch.” I hope you will occasionally drop in and, perhaps, even enjoy my own stuff.

  172. Hey – just messaging to make you aware of my competition, I really value everyone who decided to follow my blog (there may be one or two I fear who just spilt coffee on themselves and accidentally clicked the button.. but I’m still taking it as a win). I need help deciding which poems to perform in the next month or two and I’d really value your opinion.

    Stay Well – Mart

  173. Thank you for finding me! I have just started my blog so I’m trying to find my way around and find blogs to follow that will help me expand my writing. It has always been my first love but with 4 children and trying to run a part time photography business it has been on the back burner. I’ve decided to make it a priority this year, hence the blog :-) Your A-Z challenge sounds interesting, looking forward to this year’s one! :-)

  174. Hello Damyanti,
    Thank you for the follow and like on my post “Catcher in the Rye”. Writing has always been an interest to me, maybe one day I will put pen to paper and just do it! Good luck in your writing ventures! Have a wonderful day! :D

  175. Thanks for visiting and following Brain Leaks and Musings… I like what you’re doing here! I might have to consider submitting a guest post… :-)

  176. Hello there! I wanted to thank you for following Damyanti! I just started my professional blog and it’s great to see your support! I look forward to your writings in return. :)

  177. Hello Damyanti! I want to thank yoy for following my (experimental) blog “Crumbs Sugar Cookie and Pillow Featherbed. The adventures”. I really appreciate it.
    Kind greetings,

  178. I believe I have been looking for you! Pls have a look at our blog (“about”). Maybe we get your professional attention. Maybe we can make a huge step forward with your amazing support. We would be more than happy to get in touch with you. Best regards The Growing Stone of Hope Couple. Please take care

  179. Hey! You’re one of my favorite bloggers and you’ve been so supportive since I made this. So I nominated you for a reward :D I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. It helps you receive traffic on your blog through pingbacks and links.

  180. Thank you for following me. I am a bit surpise because I thought that they (Support)called Sweet Works a bug and deleted . I can’t find this blog it’s not with my other two.. . I would love to keep this blog going but I can’t find it Thanks for letting me know that it’s somewhere around . I do have two other blogs you might like .Culinaryspirit and Passions .That’s if you want. Maybe now I can find Sweet Works and work on it. Thanks again and good luck:)

  181. Thank you so, so much for your recent decision to follow Learning from Dogs. That means so much! Would love to publish a short story of a guest post from you. How about it? You can email me at my full name at gmail Best wishes, Paul Handover

  182. Hello!
    Thank you for following my blog, Malenky Bit Poogly. The fact that an established writer like yourself found my story worth ‘Liking’ made my day. I hope you enjoyed it.
    I found you on twitter, and it looks like I’ll be wandering around your blog till I fall asleep (Bye bye Engineering Mechanics Assignment! :-D )

    Thank you, again.

  183. Many thanks again for your comment on my latest review of ‘Reborn’. It’s always satisfying to receive encouragement, but what’s equally satisfying is knowing in some small way you’ve also helped another aspiring writer on their own journey, something you manage on an almost daily basis so thanks again on behalf of both myself and ever other writer/blogger you’ve encouraged in one way or another.
    Oh, and I’m still looking forward to another anthology or novel from you…

  184. That sounds pretty good. I like the way you introduced yourself and am so looking forward to start reading your blogs. I also that you’re passionate about English and writing, it’s my passion too. :)

  185. So many things could be said about this wonderful blog, and its author! Very impressive indeed. Many thanks and my appreciation to you, Damyanti.

    I join you in the daily writing ‘quest’; and have a wide-ranging interest in many topics, for which I’m always looking out for collaboration with. I do believe there is wisdom in a ‘multitude of counsellors’.

    I am presently researching for my first novel, which I find both daunting and intimidating; but somehow feel there is a great community out here online, as you say, and plenty of marvellous “communication” to firmly establish it! :)

  186. Thanks for the like and taking time to read me. I hope you will enjoy more of my work in the future.
    About your writing quest, I find visual stimulation is a good way to go. Just pick an image or a video from somewhere and give yourself exactly 30 mins to write something spontaneous about it. I use this with writing groups (usually 10 mins and then they must put down their pens) and it’s very rewarding.
    Slàinte mhòr (great health)

  187. Thank you for following with me. It means a great deal that you have chosen to enjoy what I have to say and write. It is very mutual and I will be looking forward to your updates. Congratulations on everything you are doing, it’s all awesome. Maybe I would be able to be a part of the A to Z. Have a great day and rest of the week.

  188. I love the idea of the A to Z everyday blog posts. I’ll have to think about it considering I committed myself to writing a post about love everyday for the next year. I really like your blog and I appreciate the follow. :D

  189. Thanks for liking my blog post about Holly in the barber chair (Holly the superheroine, the Super(wo)man who’d rather be Clark Kent. I’ll look up your A-Z bite-sized stories on Amazon, sounds yummy. This is an exciting time for indie writers. And your website reminds me I need to update mine. (I started on weebly, then moved to wordpress, where a few people seem to notice me.) I’ll read the recent creative teacher writing advice post, looks very promising.

  190. Thanks so much for following my tiny little blog! I looked at your post about the A to Z challenge…I might just try it! “Zero to Hero” is coming to an end, so why not another month long challenge? It sounds like fun. I am enjoying perusing your blog very much ! Merci!

  191. Thanks you for following my blog. I am flattered that one with your credentials would follow me. I really look forward exploring your page over the coming months. Take Care Leroy

  192. Damyanti, I am honored by your visit to my blog and impressed with your commitment to creative and original writing. I too aspire to write a poem each day and welcome any comment you may have to help me be more creative in turning over the stones to hear them shout . . .
    Blessings . . .
    Peter Notehelfer
    Camano Island, WA

  193. Thanks so much for liking my story and for following my blog. I look forward to exploring your blog and your writings. It’s always a pleasure to read and learn from fellow writers.

  194. Thank you for visiting jjhaiku2014. I’m trying to write a haiku or poem every day and I’m behind for February right now, but I will catch up! I’ll be coming back here to read more.

  195. A couple of times I nearly fell off my seat when anyone comments or likes something in my page. It is such a priceless feeling knowing someone found something good in the things I write. But after visiting your page I think it is nothing short of an honour to have someone like you follow my blog. Thank you thank you :)

  196. Hi Damyanti,

    I thought your reviews were spot-on: fair, balanced, and with an objective overview. Your review sure makes me want to read it. Thanks for being a credible blogger.


  197. Wow! You liked my short story ”One Mistake”…i was pretty elated to see your like! Thank you Damyanti… i have just started to pen down my thoughts, hope to evolve as a good author eventually. Will really appreciate your feedback on my stories… by the way my birth name is also damayanthi :)

  198. Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog and follow it. I love your concept of writing everyday. Look forward to reading your posts. Also all the very best for your writing in fiction.

  199. Hi.

    Thanks for dropping by and joining my small community, it’s nice to meet new people. Looking forward to reading more when I’ve finished the first draft of my next book.

    Warmest wishes,
    SD Neeve (Sarah)

  200. Hi Damayanti,

    I love your policy on making blog friends, and on blog awards! I’ve never been offered an award, but if I ever do I think I’ll adopt the blog award mentality you’ve written about here :) Thanks for visiting my blog and following. Looking forward to reading your posts!

    Much love,

  201. Damayanti~
    Thank you for the visit and follow to my blog ownwhoyouare! It made my day! Like you, I love to write and each time I post I hope someone will find something they need to help them along their way. Your name is very unique and beautiful. I look forward to reading your (w)ritings!
    All the best,

  202. Thank you for following peace, love and patchouli , I always wonder how people find my blog in this big blog universe. Thank you and looking forward to reading more of your blog at lunch today.

  203. Damyanti ,

    Thank you for discovering my photography blog.

    You gave me the opportunity to discover, explore and follow your blog. Hope we both enjoy our journeys.

    On behalf of the Through Harold’s Lens Creative Team, my trusty sidekick Mr. SLR Nikon, his brother Mr. Pen Pal and myself, we wish you the best.


  204. I wish you well as you presue your choices, as you know writing can be a real challenge from time to time, and I have no secrets. You seem dedicated to the task you have choosen, I wish you well. Also thank you for stopping at my blog and “liking” one of my current posts. Hopefully you will find other reasons to visit again. Take care, Bill

  205. Damyanti,
    Thanks for showing some love on my blog. I really appreciate it. I see you enjoy writing about Malaysia and Singapore. Someday I would love to visit Singapore to attend the Laneway music festival and just enjoy the tropical weather! Anyways, keep up the good work!

  206. Hi Damyanti. Thank you very much for following my blog. I look forward to learning the art of fiction writing with you. With your Honours in English Literature, you must have a huge amount of knowledge that can easily be utilised into fiction.

    Thanks again =)

  207. Thank you for following…Absolute serenity here, a peaceful place to visit, `especially so, a reprieve from my world of stump knocking and rumblings…
    Looking forward to your writings, and are most wishful, praying for your complete joy and success in all your goals, your journeys and adventurous comings and goings.
    Be well. Always be your most happiest!

  208. I visit everyone that LIKED my blog. With yours I wanted to say I found it very unique and enjoyed it very much so. I am about to read more! :o) I wish you all the best in your goals. Now, all I have to do is find the follow … Oh I see it! lol. Have a wonderful day today and always.

  209. Just wanted to say Hi, Damyanti. Thank you for the follow, I write mainly about my dog so … it’s pretty niche. Anyways, you have a great place here, very social. Have a great week ahead! :)

  210. Hello! (sorry..I’m new to blogging…and visiting blogs isn’t something I’m used to)
    Thank you for visiting and following me!
    It must be painful to look at my writing…when you write so well… T^T
    Anyway, thank you very much for liking some of my stories!
    It really means a lot :]

  211. Thanks for reading my blog. I to force myself to do a daily blog. It is a manner of getting the gray cells working. I have made a book. It is a serial killer mode. Would you like it? Let me know. Barry.

  212. Thanks for reading and liking one of my flash fiction.

    It’s nice to see that you’re looking to try your hand at fiction; I’d love to read some fiction pieces from you! From the looks of it, though, I don’t think you’ll have too hard a time since you write really well in general :)

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your writing! And good luck with your project of writing something everyday! :)

  213. Thanks for liking my blog! I’m getting back into the swing with an old project, and it’s very nice to have such an established writer take notice. Thanks!

  214. Thanks for following my blog. After going through yours I’m quite appreciative of the the time you took to connect. I might just give A-Z challenge a go. Seriously considering it. All the best

  215. Hi Damyanti,
    I’ve just had two of my short stories published in an anthology and wondered if you would review the book on your blog?
    It’s called ‘The Milk of Female Kindness’ and includes short fiction, poetry, art, memoir and medical writing on the theme of honest motherhood. Some of the writers have recently given birth, others are grandmothers. Some, like me, are childless; my writing is inspired by memories of my own mother. Some of the pieces will make you smile, others are heartbreaking.

    I’d be very happy to send you an e-book or hard copy, or some sample stories.
    Best wishes and thanks,

  216. Hi Damyanti, it’s been interesting encounters reading your snippets and daily interests.
    I have nominated you for The Liebster award. You can choose to accept or not accept but I hope you will.
    Happy writing!

  217. Thank you for looking at my blog; it is always encouraging to know that someone other than oneself is reading it. I love your plan to write every day which I believe to be an excellent practice especially for a writer. Although I do not always manage to blog every day I invariably write my journal and have done so for the past 50 years.

  218. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for visiting my blog and liking one of my recent posts, Your time is valuable and I appreciate the part you spend with me. Hopefully in the future you will find other reasons to visit and like posts. Please take care, Bill

  219. Hi Damyanti, nice to meet you. I’ve been travelling around your blog a little. I was struck by the piece about the care centre for social needs, and your commitment to writing, and your passion, and professionalism. I wish I had time to read more. I’ll be back!
    Thanks for following our blog. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey, both inner and outer. Cheers, Alison

  220. Great target to write every day. I spend most of my days working with spreadsheets and financial reports. Words, feels so good rolling around on the tongue and adventuring across the snowy white digital pages.

    I will also take up the plow and start casting my seeds, daily.

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  223. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I love writing as a way of focusing and sharing my life, but have never written in this format. It’s a bit intimidating–especially because of how many of us are out there blogging. Your style and way of relating to people via comments and posts is very encouraging. Thanks for putting yourself into this for so many years on behalf of so many people. I’m listening, and know I’ll learn a lot.

  224. You have so much great information here, I’ll have to come back many times to take it all in! Thank you for following my new blog. I’m really excited to be starting my self-publishing journey!

  225. I ‘m not sure if you intended on participating in the awards that sometimes go around, but I like what you’re doing on your site. When I got The Versatile Blogger Award.
    One of the rules for accepting the award is to inform everyone I’ve nominated, hence this comment.

  226. Hi there. This is a question about the A-Z Challenge, which my host, Tina, was unable to answer as she is on blogspot. Can you tell me where word verification is in WordPress? I have looked under setting and discussion and can’t find anything like that. Does WordPress even have this? I don’t recall having to enter a url when I comment, but I only comment on wordpress blogs, so for those who are on other blogging sites or websites, does wordpress block them from commenting and is there a way to turn this feature off? I appreciate your help.


    best regards,

  227. i really enjoy your versatility as a writer and the aspects and the concepts you bring and the depth you present. very creative and a real fresh perspective with the pictures and the overall vibe you bring. peace

  228. Thank you for liking my blog. I haven’t really had time to look at yours very much yet, as I always check my email notifications in the morning before I go to work, therefore not much time for looking around. Definitely will be back to check out your archive. Hope you have a lovely day/night, whichever is which, in our part of the world.

  229. Steve Jobs once commented that it is the journey, not the destination, that is important. Having said that, my journey to your comment box is going to result in having to go see the doctor for a shot of cortisone in my shoulder! An aside to WordPress: please put the comment box at the top of the page and not at the end of previous comments!

    I don’t follow too many blogs, but you had me after reading your policy on blog awards! Ha! For professionally-minded writers, these awards are at the level of Facebook likes — while appreciated, not very meaningful.

    My reason for keeping my presence on WordPress was, but no longer is, to garner meaningful commentary on the content of my work. I’ve come to realize that meaningful commentary is a very difficult commodity.

    Writers write, in my opinion — every day religiously. So your commitment to writing is a no-brainer. You hone your craft, you oil the mental gears, you outdistance those who are among the throng of would-be’s and wanna-be’s.

    I’m a bit interested in where your feet are planted and what your world-view perspective is, so I will come back and read your work.

    Thank you for visiting my site as well, and for opting to follow my work.

  230. Hello there Damyanti. I just wanted to drop by and thank you for following my blog. I also wanted to wish you the best of luck in your future writing.

  231. I have presented you with Dragon’s Loyalty Award! This is an award that goes to bloggers with noteworthy blogs, and as someone who greatly enjoys reading your blog, I nominated you, along with some others. For more info on how to accept it, visit my post.

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  234. Hey! I’m Margarida from The Fault in Our Words and I’m here to tell you that I nominated you for The Liebster Blog Award.

  235. Thank you for visiting Equinoxio. :)
    I write (and have lived) in many places so I cherish visits from all over!
    I’ll come back to see your blog with the time and calm it deserves!
    Take care

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  237. Thank you for once again visiting my Blog “dealingwithcopd” and liking my current post. I do appreciate your visit, and your blog. Please take care, Bill

I love comments, and I always visit back. Blogging is all about being a part of a community, and communities are about communication! Tweet me up @damyantig !

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