My mother in law passed on this 28th of April. Please pray that her soul may rest in peace.

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106 thoughts on “RIP Ma

  1. For some, even death can be a kind of healing. It was so for my mother, and no doubt my brothers and sisters who suffered for quite some time before their deaths. I pray that all who loved Ma may be strengthened and comforted in their loss.

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss. My condolences. Words are useless right now and they won’t lessen the pain. In time it will become a dull ache, but your memories will be vivid and will never fade. Hold on to that. It’s how I survived. My thoughts and prayers with you and your family.

  3. I am very sorry for your loss. My MIL passed on the same day as well – for her it was a blessing, but for those who are left behind it is hard. I hope that the pain of this loss will soon fade away and all that stays with you will be the good memories you have of her.

  4. Dear Damyanti – I am so sorry for all that is happening with you and your family and you have had my prayers and thoughts across the blog-waves .. life can be cruel at times, especially unexpected and unwanted times …

    I’ve asked Alex to forward this on for me .. as I’ve been unable to comment, and I don’t have your email … but I want to let you know my heart goes out to you … with love and hugs – Hilary

    I now see I’m too late – this must be one awful shock and I feel for you and your father-in-law, your husband and the whole family … I cannot conceive your feelings, emotions and thoughts right now …

    My heartfelt thoughts – Hilary

  5. My heart extends to you. This may not be the right timing; but I have nominated you for the sunshine award. Should you choose to accept please follow the instructions on my homepage post. If you decline, I completely understand, it’s a long process. Blessings on your day.

  6. As I am now 61 years old, I have become used to loss, and have no parents, and few elderly relatives still alive. It never gets any easier to say goodbye though. My thoughts are with you (albeit late) all the way from England. Regards, Pete.

  7. I was saddened to hear this tragic news. I’m so sorry for your loss, which must be even more difficult to bear given you are still grieving for your sister-in-law. The only comfort is that they are reunited, and without pain. My thoughts are with you and your family at this heartbreaking time.

  8. So sorry to hear this. There are many jokes about mothers-in-law, but mine was a wonderful woman. Kind, gentle, generous and with a good sense of humor. I still miss her and hope that she and your mother-in-law both rest in peace.

  9. My condolences. I noticed on another blog you mentioned you are finding it hard to write again. Maybe you should write memories of your mother-in-law, in little vignettes, to reflect upon during dark days.

  10. I’m really sorry about your loss.
    I’m a vitalist, so I don’t understand the spirit or religious worlds. I suppose it must be amazing to believe there’s a somewhere else where we are aware of the end of sufferings, or where we find justice or peace, and most of all, we reunite, so I have little to offer you as consolement. Your beliefs will probably keep you best company.
    When we lose people we love, what I do feel is at least we know they’re inside of us in some way, because people we love or loved have helped build our Selves.
    Big hug!

  11. Having lost those closest to me, I share your pain. I pray you & family will face this time with strength, courage and love. Though nothing will ease the grief, just know you are not alone.

  12. Damyanti, disregard my question concerning your mother-in-law. I just now found the answer in this note of sad news. Dear one, may the Lord encircle you, your husband, and family in His comforting Presence, Pamela

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