Reading writing reading

Lazing with Old Friend From Far Away

Oziare con Old Friend From Far Away

One of those days, yesterday, when I found myself reading, writing, reading all day. All day spent alone, with almost no talking, unless you count a phone call or two.

Best time I’ve had in weeks, months. Am really loving Old Friend From Far Away, and will soon fill a notebook with the exercises I’ve done from it, and move on to another notebook! I never thought writing exercises could be such a relief or fun or both, but they are.

And I recommend this book for everyone, writers, and non. Great way to pass away ten minutes, an hour, a day, a week, lazing and writing. I learned a new Italian verb, Oziare: to laze around, and I think “oziare” with this book is the best thing I could do for myself.

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2 thoughts on “Reading writing reading

  1. Sounds dreamy and in Italian it sounds even nicer. :) I’d like to see about some of these books you write about D — the exercises alone seem worth the cover price.

  2. Everything sounds nicer in Italian, even the bad words!
    This book is not a new publication so you could look out for it second hand in the states…being so far away, I ordered it from Amazon and it cost me about 20 usd, but as you say, it is quite worth the money.

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